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 Residential soundproofing

Usually home sound issues coming through the windows and doors. Neighborhood noise and traffic noise disturb us during a relaxing stay in the home. We need soundproofing for windows, doors, walls, floors to control the level of external noise control.

Wall soundproofing

Wall soundproofing can be done with specialized acoustical MLVB with gypsum board covering . We need some sound absorbing materials as well to control the sound level inside the hall or room. Acoustical foam or wood related products like wood wool and glass wool as well as rock wool can be used to do soundproofing the room.

Floor sound control

Floor  soundproofing can be done with some sound deadening materilas which will not allow sound to pass through the floors. Combination of sound absorbing and sound blocking materials do the best for floor noise control.

Window soundproofing

Window acoustical soundproofing strips can be used for block the noise for sound control to a some extent. complete soundproofing can be done with special soundproofing materials and a new soundproofing window to control the noise at the best levels.

Door soundproofing

Noise through the doors can be controlled by acoustical doors made with six types of soundproofing materials added with barrium suphate. Soundproofing doors can be done with acoustical strips and tapes used in the edges to control the noise to some extend.

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