Acoustical Soundproofing Fire Retardant Acoustic Products

Fire Retardant Acoustic Products

Fire retardant acoustic products are acoustic products that are resistant to fire. During the selection of an acoustic material fire safety has equal importance as sound performance. Fire rated materials are usually not required in residential applications. However, several building codes make it compulsory to use fire-restrictive materials in construction, particularly if parts of the building are shared commons or open to the public. For commercial applications and public areas, fire-restrictive products are usually required. Also they can be a dependable plan for any occupied area. When buying acoustic panels you should usually look for acoustic materials that are Class A fire-rated.

Uses of Fire Retardant Acoustic Products

Fire Retardant Acoustic Foam (FR Foam) is completely non-flammable. Its usage is similar to ordinary acoustic foam but has various uses. Particularly it can be used in ventilation and heating ducts, enclosures, machinery guards, and even buildings. It additionally offers good heat insulation and is advantageous over alternative sorts of insulation of not losing fibre particles or dust.

Echo Eliminator Acoustical Cotton is a multipurpose, economical, Class A fire retardant, high performance, and sound absorbing. It is made from recycled cotton. It is very durable and can be used in applications which need decreased reverberation time or cost effective noise control. The usage of Echo Eliminator is as hanging baffle or an acoustical wall panel. It can be commonly used in classrooms, school, gyms, community centers, multi-purpose rooms and more. Echo Eliminator can be easily installed to walls, ceilings, or equipment enclosures using construction or contact adhesive.

Sound Silencer is made from PEPP (Porous Expanded Polypropylene) that is recyclable. These wall and ceiling panels are lightweight, affordable solution to absorbing and blocking sound for ceilings, walls, and other applications where it is important to have resistance to fire, moisture, and impact. Sound Silencer panels can be easily installed to improve sound control in many environments. Sound Silencer is Class A fire retardant, non-fibrous, non-abrasive, impact resistant, water resistant, lightweight, and fungi and mold bacteria resistant. These panels have a NRC and also STC rating, can be used indoors or outdoors, and a tractable surface. Sound Silencer can be used as a wall panel, ceiling tile, hanging baffle, or outdoor barrier.

Mineral wool insulation is very versatile and unique product. Mineral wool insulation is made from stone, molten glass, or slag (industrial waste) that is spun into a structure like fiber and which creates a combination of properties that cannot be matched by any other insulation material. It has many uses. It has unequaled fire, thermal and acoustical performance. It does not spread flame and no smoke is developed. It is better than cellulose, glass fiber, and other insulation in many characteristics. Mineral wool controls sound and is one among the Class A fire retardant acoustic products as others mentioned above.

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