Fabric colors create cool atmosphere in interior designing and decoration

Above right Cool colors combine with fine work to create all elegant atmosphere to this room. An eastern look is achieved by softly draping the window with a sheer oriental fabric and covering the chair seat the same material.
• cheers and nets trapping windows with sheer or net curtains has many advantages. Sheers and nets give a room daytime privacy, screen it from unpleasant views beyond the window, and at the same time let in plenty of softly diffused light. They also form a shield from the glare of the sun and lessen color fading of delicate fabrics.
• Making sheers and nets o When cutting the fabric, carefully follow the line of the weave to ensure that the edge is even.
Some weaves are prone to fraying. To prevent this, machine zigzag stitches along the cutting line before you cut it. 84 Choosing a style Nets and sheers can be hung like curtains- from tracks or poles – if they are to be opened. If they are to remain closed, hang them from spring wires. Alternatively fold or tie them in your own imaginative styles. If they have an intricate design, hang them without gathering the material. There are natural and synthetic sheers and nets in all thicknesses, weaves and patterns.
Examine as many samples as possible at home before making a choice. Sew the side and bottom hems in exactly the same way as for simple unlined curtains. Lightweight sheers and nets hang better if the bottom hem is weighted down with flexible, lead-weighted tapes available in haberdashers. Many shrink so buying extra material and pre-wash it before measuring and cutting. Sheer curtains are often made with a ready-stitched heading down one side and a finished edge down the other, and come in sizes to fit standard window lengths: All you have to do is sew the side hems.
Above Hay, muslin drapes with blue printed pal/em that reflects the deep blue of the walls. The texture of layers of lace is brought out by the strong sunlight pouring through the window. e To make a heading for a spring wire, thin brass rod or wooden dowel, allow about of fabric. Turn under and fold again to make a 4 cm hem. Sew two rows of stitches to make a channel for the wire or rod. Furnishing fabric can be used by the yard to drape walls, tent a ceiling or create a fantasy headboard; to make cushions, chair covers and throws; to decorate the dining table; to furnish the bedroom and bathroom with linen and to make household items such as sheets and mattress covers.

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