Few dashes of turquoise on the bed and curtains and a couple shapely bedside lamps

A few dashes of turquoise on the bed and curtains and a couple shapely bedside lamps were all it took to put the final touches on a warm and inviting room. RIGHT Totem shelves are a great platform for sculptures, vases, and other works of art. And you can make them yourself.
African masks really pop when perched on a turquoise wall.
It’s always safe to stick with a mix of three dominant colors. One of my favorite color combos is turquoise, chocolate brown, and white or cream. Here the threesome provides a warm backdrop for Veronica’s African mask collection.
When planning your room makeover, you need to take into consideration the room’s symmetry: Is it balanced, and what is your wall space like? Occasionally you’ll get rooms with windows that are unevenly spaced or with a single window just sort of hanging there in no man’s land. When you do have these imbalances, you can often use art to make up the difference. If you have a long wall that would leave your furniture swimming if you were to center it all in the middle, consider moving the furniture (like a bed and night tables in a bedroom, sofa and side table in a living room) so that it’s closer to the end of one wall and balancing it out with something like a big painting; a collection of photos or drawings hung salon style; a sculpture; or even unexpected objects that you treat as art. Maybe it’s a vintage bicycle, an old advertising sign, some African drums and shakers that you hang on the wall, a surfboard with a great pattern airbrushed on top. It could be anything that you think is beautiful as long as it provides balance to the furniture on the other side of the wall.
This technique also works when you’ve got windows that are out of whack. Use art to provide the missing symmetry. One other thing to keep in mind about art and symmetry: when hanging paintings and photographs, don’t go any higher than the top of the room’s window frames. In most cases, going higher will disturb the balance of the room and even make the room seem smaller. Usually all the windows will be the same height; if not use the highest frame as your margin and line up your art either at or below it.