Finding a vibration isolation solution with acoustical soundproofing products

Finding a Vibration Isolation Solution

Undesirable noise and vibration can be an issue in many varied areas. One among the most common illustrations is the vibration in suspension parts of an automobile. But, there are many other examples that can be found. Plasma cutters, CNC machines, and many other machines make vibrations that can cause problems. In all of these applications, vibration dampening and isolation is extremely important. What can happen if you cannot adequately dampen and isolate vibrations?

Issues of Excessive Vibration

While the real results of excessive vibration will definitely vary by application, you will find many common issues that can appear. For instance, using as an example the case of automotive suspension components such as tie rods, the most immediate outcome is that your ride will be uncomfortable, lots of noise, and poor handling. But, over time, the absence of proper vibration dampening and isolation will really cause early failure of the suspension components via wear and fatigue. This calls for the question, what must you look for in vibration dampening and isolation equipment?

Finding a Company

The initial thing that you need to find is a company specializing in rubber molding, and also rubber-to-metal bonding. Why is bonding an important consideration? Usually, you will require to bond rubber to metal when creating a combined vibration isolation solution. Finding a company with a lot of expertise and experience in bonding rubber to metal is very important. This demands that the company have a working knowledge of bonding agents, substrate materials, meeting product specifications, dilution procedures, creating custom molding and quite a little more.

How to Select a Company

Besides, while looking for a vibration isolation solution provider, it’s recommended to look at the history of the company. It’s advisable to select a company that has been doing business for many decades and has really played a vital role in the development of the rubber industry. Whether you need noise reduction and vibration isolation for an engineering application or an automotive application, it’s vital that you select the right company with which to work.

One way of finding out whether company is worth your time or not is to take a look at their catalog of existing products. An experienced manufacturer might well have a present solution that can suit your application. Otherwise, you may find that the company has a product that can be altered easily for meeting your specific requirements. This would save money and time over custom vibration isolation solution created for your application. But, if the company does not have a present product that will work or that can be altered to work, then you have to ensure that they do have much experience in creating custom solutions for reducing noise and vibration via the use of rubber.


These are just some of the considerations that you have to make when considering a vibration isolation solution. The right company will offer compression mounts, plate mounts, conical isolators, torsional mounts, bumpers, square mounts, flange mounts, center bonded solutions, and insulator pads besides custom solutions.