Hanging Acoustical Baffles which are fitted to the ceilings or walls In Interior designing and decoration

Hanging Acoustical Baffles to control sound in interiors

Hanging Acoustical Baffles which are fitted to the ceilings or walls are meant to reduce the level of sound which is airborne in interiors. Sound Baffles serve as an essential tool for noise reduction, noise pollution, and also for noise reverberation. This is due to the reason that both the sides of the baffle are open to the space. Therefore they can absorb sound from all sides. The baffles are mounted with hanging system and can be suspended either horizontally or vertically from the ceiling. Acoustic Baffles are suited for ceilings where heating systems and light fittings should not get blocked.

Types of Hanging Acoustical Baffles for noise control

Echo Eliminators are Hanging Acoustical Baffles for eliminating echo and are made from Bonded Acoustical Cotton (B.A.C.). It can be recycled and does not contain fiberglass for echo friendly interior designing and decoration. They are durable, cost effective, lightweight, efficient and multi-purpose. There are about ten colors to choose from.
In interior designing, Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Baffles are wrapped with designer fabrics for decorative interiors. Hard side baffles are made from two panels of fiberglass board having edges and faces covered with a fabric or vinyl finish. Fabric wrapped baffles are lightweight and have different shapes like round, square, pencil edge, and bevel, available in dimensions up to 4 ft. x 10 ft to make the interior designing a colorful and professional one. They are mounted with D-rings and come with a wide range of colors.
in interior decoration Poly wrap Baffles are made from Polyethylene which is heat-sealed having Fiberglass fill. They are available in standard black and white colors.
Sanitary Acoustic Baffles have the core encapsulated in reinforced Mylar film for interior designing soundproofing. The white face helps to improve illumination by reflecting light to make the interiors bright and colorful. It is temperature and weather resistant. Sanitary Acoustic Baffles are ideal for industries where weather resistant and cleanable surfaces are required to bring the interior heat under control, places needing high sound reduction, and other environments requiring really clean surroundings. They are generally white in color for interiors.
In Interiors, Sailcloth and Vinyl Encapsulated Acoustical Baffles have fiberglass core with Sailcloth or Polyvinyl Chloride Film outside. They are available in PVC film of 9 colors to suit any interior designing and decoration color theme.
In Interior designing and decoration, Whisper wave Melamine Baffles are made from melamine foam. They can be installed with corkscrew hangers, if it is in the field or with ceiling mounted cable or on wall to wall cable. It is also possible to align them parallel or every alternate baffle can be rotated to 90 degrees. Whisper wave Baffles are available as natural white and grey but also can be got as painted or coated.

Hanging Acoustic Baffle Accessories for interior designing and decoration

Wall and ceiling construction assemblies are vary significantly for interior designing. The following general tools are needed. Crimping Tools, Wire Rope Cables and Crimps, Eye Bolts and Mounting Plates, Hollow Wall Toggle Bolts, Cable Ratchet Stretchers, Tool for Tee-Bar Mounting Clips, Turnbuckles and Tee-Bar Mounting Clips

Applications of Hanging Acoustic Baffles in interior designing and decoration

Hanging Acoustic Baffles are recommended for interior Ceiling Baffles for absorbing echo, sound and noise reduction in manufacturing and industrial facilities, warehouses, gymnasiums, auditoriums, offices, call centers, entertainment facilities, computer rooms, gun ranges, band rooms and studios.
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