How to Soundproof Noisy Pipework with Floorboards and Insulation soundproofing products

How to Soundproof Noisy Pipework 

We are familiar with the sound of a noisy pipe which will often initially appear like a small issue. But as time passes, these small pipes can usually make life a living hell for business and homes.

Whether you are trying to get a reasonable night’s sleep, or conduct a major meeting in the boardroom, silence is highly desirable. However whereas the television or music can be turned down, there is no volume control button for the highly annoying sound of a noisy heating pipe.

Soundproofing these pipes is an easy and simple way of ending this frequent yet extremely frustrating problem. With a positive can-do attitude and a little Do It Yourself (DIY), you should have the ability for completing this task with relative ease!

So why do they make noise?

The sound of creaking pipes can be recognized by most of us very well. This is not a mysterious issue that we have just have to tolerate, noisy heating pipes are an issue that can be easily solved.

As pipes either cool down or heat up, the size will keep changing. Pipes expand when they warm up and contract when they cool down. But as they contract and expand, they continue causing friction with the joints they are attached to. This is usually the root cause for the classic noisy pipe.

How do I soundproof noisy pipes?

An under-floor solution provides a property with a means of eliminating noise due to heating pipes effectively.

In the room where there is a noise issue, start by lifting up the floorboards. Get some specialist insulation. You can wrap this insulation around the pipes to essentially get rid of the friction caused as a result of contraction and expansion.

Specialist foam insulation has high acoustic properties, helping to stop noise transmission and ensure you have a long-duration solution to heating pipe noise.

For an entire insulation solution, you may also want to fill up the cavities between pipes.

What if I can’t get under the floorboards?

If you are not having the budget, time, or will-power to get below the floor of your problem room, there are still methods of soundproofing your room.

Soundproof underlays can be laid on top of walls and floorboards for offering a more time-effective method of subduing noisy heating pipes.

Obtainable in a range of different styles and cuts, specialist underlays can be got for use with floorboards, carpets, and even tiles.


Even though people can get distracted through creaking heating pipes, soundproofing is a low-cost, simple, and very effective method of eliminating this annoying noise. Don’t allow these pipes to any more frustrate you – start soundproofing today!

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