Owning a modest number of pictures, prints and photographs brings a personal art gallery within your reach in interior designing. Achieving a professional look is often a question of careful hanging, grouping and proportion in interior designing. As with everything else, there are fashions in picture hanging. Traditional picture rails can be used to provide a more formal interior scheme. 


Camouflage picture cords with lengths of wide satin, moire or velvet ribbon or strips of glazed chintz. Large picture hooks can be hidden with generous opera bows or rosettes. Grouping Frames in the same colors and finishes give uniformity to a collection of differently-shaped pictures. Framing disparate subjects with the same color mounts also gives unity to a collection in any interior designing.

In Interior designing, Another attractive way to group pictures is to revive the eighteenth-century practice of dividing a wall into picture panels using simple wood beading or wallpaper borders to ‘frame’ your pictures. A classical wallpaper border in interior designing such as egg and dart molding on pale grey or yellow painted walls could be a perfect foil for a set of engravings with birds’ eye maple frames. Similarly, a chinoiserie fretwork wallpaper border on red painted walls could enhance a set of Chinese paintings with black lacquer frames. In interior designing, Narrow wood beading picked out in a color or perhaps a stenciled acanthus motif could also make effective wall panels

In interior designing, Placing all the pictures and objects you intend to hang up on the floor is an easy way to plan the grouping. Move your groups of pictures around until you are satisfied and then stand away from them. You can also plan groups of pictures and objects successfully by sketching the shapes out carefully first on a piece of squared paper. When hanging pictures over a piece of furniture such as a sofa, bedhead, chest of drawers or a fireplace you will also need to consider how much space to leave above and below, both for practicality and visual effect.  

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