Music Recording Studio Installation Soundproofing Products And Materials

Music Recording Studio Construction with Soundproofing Products and Materials

If you have a choice to make from available rooms for a Music studio construction with soundproofing products then select the largest one. The reason is that more space allows more musicians to take part, it is better for sound effects and you can add more instruments to your collection. Select the quietest room if you have a choice so that outside noise in minimum. For your music studio, a hard floor like concrete, hardwood, or tile is better. Avoid carpets because it can interfere with frequencies. To avoid foot noise problem ground floor room is better. Of course if there is no choice, you have to do with available space.

Methods of Soundproofing Music Recording Studio with Acoustical soundproofing products

Soundproofing a wall of the music room to prevent outside noise from entering in or inside noise escaping walls of that room need to be made more massive. This will prevent the walls from vibrating due to sound energy generated. To make wall more massive, additional materials like mass loaded vinyl may be used. Similar to adding mass, damping is another soundproofing method for music studio construction with soundproofing products which works by converting kinetic energy of sound waves to heat.

One of the popular damping components in the market which is also effective is green glue. Sandwiching panels like plywood, drywall, or medium density fiber board (MDF) stuck together by green glue, you can make a good sound barrier for the home studio.

Green Glue can be used for ceilings, doors, floors and walls of the room. Two structures inside the music room can be touching each other and due to this they may transfer vibrations from one unit to the other. Decoupling is a method of isolating such units with soft materials like rubber. Decoupling principle can be used in other ways also, like for example, floating floors where again rubber isolators are used on surfaces where such equipment is mounted.

Leaving an air gap is another method to block sound. A floating ceiling or wall with resilient grid system and sound clips is another popular soundproofing method. Yet another method is using isolating studs with joist gasket tape fitted to the walls, ceilings or floors. The above techniques can be combined to eliminate any resonance that may develop in the room. To seal air gaps caused by electrical outlets, door and window gaps use foam gaskets. To close the gap between doors and the floor use acoustic door bottoms.

Even though you can avoid outside noises from vehicles, shops, neighbors etc., by choosing quieter time to work, there is no escaping from noise generated from equipment inside your room and to get good quality of sound for recording, there is no alternative to soundproofing your studio. Music studio construction with soundproofing products is the solution though it is an expensive job.

Our Acoustical soundproofing products and materials

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