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Foam Insulation

Foam insulation in the form of spray expands when injected into the cavities of walls filling the gaps and providing insulation. Though there are several insulators like fiberglass and non-fiberglass, foam insulation is widely used by homemakers, because it fills the cavities in wall completely. Foam insulation is able to reduce infiltration of air via cavities considerably reducing air circulation inside cavities thereby avoiding the necessity of vapor barrier. A coating of foam is combined with different types of insulation inside wall cavities to facilitate energy efficiency and air sealing at a lower cost. Insufficient insulation and leakage of air are the main reasons for energy wastage in homes mostly.

Insulation against sound waves

Spray foam insulation is also found helpful in keeping out undesired noise. It comprises the application of open cell-spray foam that penetrates neatly through cavities in the wall as small as a dime. The foam after entering the space at the rear of the sheet rock, expands considerably, successfully sealing even the tiniest nooks and crevices.

The drywall is unaffected in this technique of pumping sound-blocking foam into tiny holes and does not have any invasive effect on your living area. It also fulfills the four important features like mass, decoupling, absorption, and dampening (silencing the bass music), ensuring a soundproofing having the maximum possible Sound Transmission Class rating.

How it works and advantages

The liquid of polyurethane, a foaming agent is injected into ceilings, walls, and floor cavities with a nozzle. It chemically reacts after spraying, and expands to become a hard cellular plastic, having millions of minute air cells occupying every nook and fissure. Foam insulation can be used with best advantage in insulating borders of steel frames and other outlets as it expands to seal the areas tightly. It works as an air barrier eliminating the necessity for air-tightness measures. This increases energy savings and minimizes the need for bigger cooling and heating systems. Foam insulation generally help to maintain air quality indoors by preventing off-gassing of explosive organic compounds. More importantly it does not shrink, settle, sag or biodegrade.

Foam insulation can be compared with insulating your home with a material as safe as pillows. Most of foam insulation contain materials similar to what mattresses and pillows are filled with. It can be easily installed, it is environmentally safe, and compared to traditional insulation, it saves more energy. It can be used wherever traditional insulation is used, but it need not be stuffed and crammed inside, just sprayed into the required area.

As for its disadvantages, some foam insulation contract while curing. Next, they are combustible (other than Cementitious foam) and need to be protected from sunlight and solvents. Foams are not all that open. “Open cell” type is much better than closed cell type, but still, its performance is not as high as mineral fiber or fiberglass.

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