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Auditoriums – Soundproofing & Acoustic Treatment

Soundproofing Tips for Your Auditorium

Keep in mind that absorptive panels lessen background noise, while the design for diffusion panels is done to scatter reflections of sound into many directions for greater balance of acoustics in the room.

For auditoriums that are fan shaped with inclined floors, utilize a ratio of 10-1 when deciding about quantities of diffusion panels related to absorption panels. Suppose you want to install sound panels of 2,200 square feet, go with Fabric Panels of 2000 sq feet and BAD Panels of 200 sq feet, Barrels or Pyramidal for diffusion.

Thicker material will disintegrate more low reverberations of bass in the room. Select 2″ thick Fabric Panels instead of the 1″ thickness. Our objective is to absorb sufficient noise from background in the room to generate excellent speech clarity, however leave sufficient reverb in the room for blending the musical tones together.

Speech-clarity and proper reproduction of Audio-Visual & music programs are the things for which always the auditorium is built for where A-V system and acoustics play a very vital role. In any auditorium the acoustical behavior is a physical characteristic of that hall and only can be regulated by correct acoustical treatment. Correct acoustical design of any space requires:

1. Thorough calculations of time of reverberation over an extensive range of audio frequencies.

2. Thorough study of resonance and modal frequencies.

3. Selection of Acoustical material depending on their performance across the entire spectrum.

4. Proper Installation methodology and positioning to attain the desired performance.

5. Selection of Acoustical reflectors to attain the preferred acoustical gain.

6. Selection of Acoustical diffusers to disperse the sound to attain diffused sound field.

7. Along with this interior acoustics, regulation of transmission of sound from outside to inside and the other way round to attain required acoustical comfort and noise levels.

8. In Electronic acoustics (A-V system), a correctly designed Audio system, involving selection of design, equipment, direction & location of speaker-boxes, when installed, increases the performance of the auditorium providing clear and completely natural sound quality.

• In brief, for any place acoustical treatment is a cautiously designed combination of Reflection, Absorption, & Diffusion fluently combined with interior aesthetics, in an envelop that is noise controlled. Acoustical designing and/or problem solving certainly needs experience and technical expertise in the field.

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