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Auditorium Seats - Folding Vs Non-Folding

You do not find many varieties for choosing auditorium seats. They are invariably designed such that several chairs have one common frame system or beam. The chairs can either be fixed in the same position, or their bottoms can be lifted and folded.

The advantages of having auditorium seats that can be folded

Folding chairs give more space so that people can move easily from the gangways to the middle chairs

When the lower parts of the chairs are folded in a vertical position it is easier to clean the room. Sweeping below the row of chairs will be very tough if the lower cushions cannot be lifted up. The rows are so close to one another that it is very hard for the cleaning staff to collect the trash from under the seats. Having foldable cushions will provide more space for the team to work. The seating rows can be fitted closer to the rows just ahead of them

They are nice-looking

It gives more sitting comfort

While an average size seat can take a 250 lb. weight, independent, still bigger seats can be installed to withstand more weight. The advantages of auditorium seats that are not foldable

Children and small stature people of light weight find it difficult to keep the lower cushions pushed down. The seats tend to fold back upwards even if there is somebody seated, and hence the seats that are not foldable are more ideal for children, and people of small stature to sit on.

Since these chairs have no hinges no risk of them breaking.

For the same reason these chairs do not need oiling, or maintenance

They are nice-looking

These seats are normally comfortable to be seated

Generally a person weighing 250 lbs. can easily sit in these seats and in case you need bigger seats they can be made as per specifications.

When you choose the styles of seats for an area that is required to accommodate viewers in large numbers your decision must be based on the area available at your disposal, the budget available, the comfort level expected and the aesthetics of the arrangement. A pleasing arrangement is liked by most auditoriums that have the potential for a large number of seats.

You cannot get these items ready-made at any furniture shop in all towns. You may order them from catalogs, or shop online. Usually people buy such items from the furniture factory directly, and avoid the middle man, thereby saving on price.

Other than the option of having foldable seats, you can have seats with arm rests with or without cup holders. Seats without arm rests are not comfortable for sitting for long periods and hence not recommended.

Auditorium seats are available with fold-able cushions or with cushions of fixed type. They can be had with drink holders built on arm rests.

You can seek expert consultations from established auditorium seating specialists like the Interior Game.

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