Making Bathroom Accessible with less bathroom fittings

Bathroom fittings and tiles are to be fitted for all ages, Bathroom is not just a place for toilet and pipes, Bathroom must be a relaxation place. Your complete anxiety and stress must go when you started bathing. Elegant bathroom fittings and stylish tiles with innovative design should make your day.

Making a Bathroom Accessible
MOST BATHROOMS CAN BE MODIFIED to make them more accessible for users of all ages and with a wide range of physical abilities:

Install grab bars in strategic locations, such as tubs and showers. Make sure the grab bars are fastened securely.
Use lever handles for doors and fixtures rather than round knobs, which are more difficult to grasp.
Follow minimum fixture clearance guidelines
Provide generously sized passageways and doorways.
Avoid thresholds in doorways and other changes in floorsurface elevations.
locate tub and shower controls so they can be operated from a seated position and from both inside and outside the unit.
locate switches, outlets, and other controls so they can be operated by someone in a seated position.
Provide seating in both shower and tub areas.
Provide a hand-held shower in place of (or in addition to) a fixed shower head.
Consider a sink design that offers knee space below the sink.
Use tilting mirrors or full-height mirrors, or make sure that mirrors extend all the way down to sink level.
Provide easily accessible storage (both drawers and cabinetry) between 15 in. and 48 in. off the floor.
In order to be accessible for those confined to wheelchairs, . a bathroom needs to have adequate clearance in front of fixtures, a wide doorway for entry and exit, open knee space under the sink, a seating/transfer area adjacent to the tub, and strategically placed grab bars for safety. .
INSTEAD OF A SEPARATE SHOWER ENCLOSURE, this universally accessible bathroom features an open design and a waterproof floor. The vanity is also designed to be fully accessible, with an open area underneath for wheelchair access and lever-handle faucets.
THIS BATHROOM IS DESIGNED for easy access, with a pocket door that slides out of sight when not in use, separating the bathroom from the adjoining bedroom, and an open custom-built vanity. The spacious, door- less shower on the far side of the vanity has plenty of maneuvering room and a large window for adequate natural light
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