Home Theater and Home Audio Sound System Secret Tips- A/V Receiver, Cables, DVD/CD Players, HD TV, Headphones and Speakers, Acoustical Contractors and Products dealers imported from USA

Home Theater and Home Audio Sound System Secret Tips- A/V Receiver, Cables, DVD/CD Players, HD TV, Headphones and Speakers

Audio/Video (A/V) Receiver

The 5.1 or 7.1 or A/V receivers have mostly similar features irrespective of how old they are. You may buy a 5.1 sound system (5 speakers with a sub woofer) on a 7.1 receiver. Many of these receivers, have extra whistles and bells, which you may not need and will save money by not buying them. For example, several of latest receivers have EQ/DB systems built in, that will facilitate automatic setting up of the receivers but these cost considerably extra.


Good cables are a must for getting good quality picture and sound. These cables are: Fiber Optic Cables for receiving 5.1 sound from DVD players and HD Receiver/DVR. Also needed are Analog RCA Cables for receiving good quality sound from your Universal Player or CD. You will also need 2 sets of Component Cables for connecting the DVD player as well as the HD Receiver/DVR to the TV. And last, you need a speaker wire and sub woofer cable. Before buying Component Cables check if they are manufactured by a reputed company. All cables do not produce good results and it can make a lot of difference. Glass optic cable gives a true revealing sound.

CD Player

Do not play a CD on a DVD player unless of course you are not particular about the CD sound. Many outdated CD players found online can provide great sound and are rather cheap.

DVD Recorders

DVD recorders are of 3 types: Computer-based internal and external DVD recorders, and stand alone ones on which you can record TV programs. The principal difference between the stand alone type and the other two DVD recorders (computer-based) are that the former cannot record 5.1 sound whereas the computer-based ones can. External computer DVD recorders and stand alone types are comparatively cheap, but their life span is short, about two years, before their lasers fail. But, being cheaper, you can get a new one. You need special software to record your DVD's on computer but these players have them built in.


Do not buy used HDTVs. Take a warranty for the maximum period possible so that in case it breaks down, you need not worry. You can make your purchase decision based on reports on online forums, reviews and manufacturer information.

5.1 Headphones

Headphones made by reputed manufacturers produce unbelievable 5.1 sound and you will not feel that you are using headphones! These are also available as wireless and work extremely well without any interference or Static noise.

MP3/IPOD Headphones

The headphones supplied for free along with Ipods/MP3 players, are not quite good. They do not reproduce sound well and are uncomfortable. Headphones with earbuds which get connected to the inside of your ear are not recommended. Over your head, headphones which are super light and hence comfortable, stay over your ears and produce safe and good sound.


A 5.1 speaker system is good enough for connecting to TV for DVD, or to listen to CDs. Some people prefer 5.1 speakers only for DVD & TV but listen to CDs on other speakers.

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