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Home soundproofing products and tips

Top 5 Tips to Soundproof Your Home

Your neighbors constantly complain about the noise produced whenever you are listening to a music or watching a movie may make you sick. You may be frustrated with the unwanted noise you hear from the room next door. Noise can leak through the walls, floors, ceilings, doors and windows. Remember that noise behaves like water and it follows the path of least resistance. When your room is being soundproofed, make sure that all the required areas are treated. The term "soundproof," does not mean that things are 100% soundproof. Reduction of noise, is also known as noise damping or sound damping. Following are 5 top tips to reduce the noise.

1. Treat all penetrations and electrical boxes for sound. Putty material used should not dry, shrink or crack and must be fire rated. 2. Use only drywall meant for sound damping which is specially made for high acoustic reliability. Good soundproof drywall, is easy to install and reduces noise entering through walls by half.

3. Ensure that your ceiling and wall are airtight. An acoustical sealant works as crucial soundproofing agent. Apply acoustical sealant around the wall perimeter, floor, ceiling, penetrations and seams that are not supported by a stud to retain high acoustic effect in the assembly. 4. Check the door(s) carefully. Doors are frequently ignored during a soundproofing project. A door being movable means it cannot be airtight permitting sound to leak through cracks. One method of checking for air leakage is to switch off the lights on one side and have someone to use a flash light on the other side of the door around the edge. If you can see light through the edges, sound can pass too. There are also special windows and doors designed for acoustics that you can use for your project.

5. If you still need help for your project, you can get good advice from acoustic consultants such as Interior Gmae. They are experts in sound technology and know how acoustic works. They can advise you on how to get the best sound proofing for your particular project (home studio, office, theater, etc.).

You will feel comfortable in your personal environments. The tips given above will assist you in utilizing the opportunity to put up a dependable and comfortable, quiet living area. Enjoy reading books, chatting or sleeping undisturbed. Also you can listen to music, enjoy a movie, or invite friends over and your neighbors won’t have reasons to complain.

Several good quality soundproofing drywall materials are available to help you realize noise reduction at minimum installed cost – reliably and easily. These have helped to make commercial and residential retrofit jobs and new building projects for healthcare, multi-family, government and education really sound proof.

If you want to soundproof your home or workplace you can contact Interior Game.

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