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We live in a boisterous world. Noise appears to be all over - construction, traffic, crowded buildings and loud music. Also noise can be an issue in offices and labs. The issue has become so prevalent that a term has also been created for it: noise pollution. Stopping all that noise may not be likely, however because of technological advances, ways are present to separate ourselves from it. For understanding how we can start isolating ourselves from that noise, we require a fundamental understanding of the way sound travels - not only through the air, however through ceilings, floors and walls. Sound travels via the air in waves which bring about vibration in the objects they make contact with. When a sound is sufficiently loud, those vibrations can transmit through floors, ceilings and walls transferring sound from the outside into our buildings or from floor to floor and room to room on the inside. The solution to efficiently stop unnecessary noise from attacking our space is to prevent the vibration.

In the majority of commercial buildings and homes, floors and walls have an interior supporting structure made from wood, joists or steel studs and are enclosed with some type of rigid sheeting such as particle board flooring or drywall. This leaves an air space between the floors, walls, and ceilings. This air space enables simple transfer of waves of sound with hardly any solid mass so that the sound can vibrate through or its transfer can be slowed down. One among the most general methods utilized to lessen the transmission of that sound has been insulating the ceiling, wall or floor with one of many insulation types. This could reduce the transmission of sound vibrations via the air space, however does not do anything to stop the transfer of sound via drywall, studs, flooring or joists.

It is also vital to understand that not every sound frequency is the same when considering insulation. According to lab tests insulation does not stop low frequency sounds, and sounds of high frequency are not lessened significantly. Air space insulation is only efficient in deadening sound of mid-range frequency.

Then how does transfer of sound take place in a wall with insulation? When you nail drywall straight to wall studs, waves of sound vibrate the drywall and this vibration is transmitted to the stud, and is then transmitted to the drywall on another side of the wall. This causes vibration of the air in the room and in turn it becomes waves of sound again. This is called coupling by the industry.

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