Acousty Sound Soundproofing products and materials in interior designing

Acoustic sound are based on the polymer and they are free from dark bituminous pitch with sand or gravel and a product with high concentration of synthetic sound proofing membrane that gives a good acoustic insulation for the different building elements. They have flexible characteristics which can withstand even in cold temperatures, And extremely more visco-elasticity.
The 3 main properties of this product have made this product unique in acoustical products:
Flexible: the flexible nature of this product that can be bent as per the requirement and easily modified to respond to the altered circumstances and able to change as to adapt to different circumstances.
High elongation capacity: It is the ability of the material to undergo any deformation without any damage however it is limited to certain extent at the point where the material could undergo breakage.
Easy to handle and adaptable to uneven surfaces: These products are very easy to handle without any difficulty and are adaptable even in the unbalanced surfaces.
1. The air transportation of noise insulation in the outer boundary of the air raft or a material with a less surface mass i.e light weighted partitions.
2. The reduction of the noise from the all types of frameworks during the formation of the floating floors.
3. In combination with the other sound absorption material it gives the results of high performance acoustic products.
Thickness: The acousty sound are available in the 3mm and 6mm.
Roll size: The roll sizes are available in 1m X 1.2m.
This acousty sound helps in the reduction of the sound or noise from the external sources and they are commonly used in class rooms , conference rooms , churches, offices, this helps in sound absorption and noise reduction.
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