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Flooring for Living Room Design Ideas:

               While we go for interior works flooring is the main part of living room interior design as interior designers say. If it is may be small or large living room designing ideas, flooring is an exceptional choice. When chosen with a best flooring options, they would set the stage for many years, durability and comfort. When deciding best floor and best design flooring is not easy as interior designers say . So we have some consistence of many elements such as budget, prices, availing materials, Styles.

Interior designers say Different Types Of Flooring Ideas

  • Wood
  • Carpeting
  • Stone
  • Concrete

Interior Designers suggested WOOD IN INTERIOR DESIGNING:

                This open wood flooring is one of the best ideas, because it is looks like very neat and easy to clean. If you go with durability, long-lasting and investment is nothing matter, you can choose this wood flooring designs. In hard-wood flooring, we have some demerits they are like scratches and water damage. So we replacing of this, we can select the faux wood flooring. This faux wood flooring is overcome from hard-wood flooring demerits.

Interior designers advise CARPETING IN INTERIOR DESIGNING:

               Having carpet flooring in the living room is to feel the softness in your toes as interior designer says. The carpet flooring is suitable for winter season or cooling country area. It is more comfortable and warm feeling, look beautiful, feel comfortable. Carpet flooring is never to be out of fashion, because it is traditional, stylish. It gives a warm welcome of your dear guests. The only thing you should maintain carpet from toxic odours. So you don’t worry about the toxic odours, because now a days there are “eco-friendly” and “low-VOC” options are available.


               Interior designer says, Stone flooring is the some strong flooring designs for living room interior design. This stone flooring is natural and stylish idea ever. Normally stones have range of colours, patterns. varieties are Granite, Limestone, Marble, Slate, Travertine, Stones Tiles.

Granite : Hundreds of varieties available, this stone floor mainly for Kitchens and bathrooms.

Limestone: It is formed from sedimentary materials, such as coral and shells.

Marble: This choice for formal spaces, but scratched easily.

Slate: This model is like geometric pieces and irregular shape. Usually have some common colours like grey, soft red, medium green, pink.


                Concrete flooring ideas are more customizable and providing good alternatives such as carpet, wood, tile, stone. Concrete flooring is durable, long-lasting and maintain easily. It can be designed for any type of budget and resists moisture and stains when it properly sealed.

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