Acoustic insulation helps to reduce and stop the sound transfer

Acoustic Insulation – Why Do You Need It?

In a building, acoustic insulation helps to reduce and stop the sound transfer. This may be from one floor to another, one room to another, or from one hotel room or apartment to another. Sound is of two types. Sound produced due to impact is impact sound. It is felt and also heard like a door shutting, the spinning of a washing machine on a kitchen floor, or footsteps on a staircase. The sound that is heard is airborne sound like music, a conversation, or the TV. Sound passage through walls and floors is flanking transmission. It is needed to identify and eliminate these sound paths before fitting the suitable insulation system. Often flanking transmission is a problem in new buildings, and particularly in refurbishments, where it may not be possible in altering the building structure for reducing flanking transmission.

Acoustic Insulation and Sound Control

Different ways and means are there for the effects of impact and airborne sounds to be reduced. For separating floors, acoustic flooring can be used. It provides more sound control. Depending on the extent of usage of the room and how noisy it is, different kinds of acoustic flooring are there. A landing or staircase will require various kinds of acoustic flooring compared to a dining room or a living room. Resilient panels and bars can be used for improving sound isolation of ceilings and walls. There can be a difference to the kind of sound control needed depending on whether the room is in an office, a flat, or a hotel.

For any building work it is important to consider acoustic insulation and sound control. Government legislations state the levels of permitted noise, and the ways and means to control the noise. It has been stated by UK Building Regulations that noise is a safety and health issue, and it is the right of people to be at home without noise being a threat to their health. This includes resting and sleeping. Different regulations are there that govern new refurbishments and buildings in terms of controlling sound. For refurbishing an old building, or changes made to your own home, hotel, or office, different kinds of sound reduction products may need to be used than if you were building a new office, home, or hotel.

Testing your Building

Your building needs to be tested depending on what kind of sound control products you use. Pre Completion Testing (PCT) applies to many refurbishments and buildings, and is needed that the refurbishment or building is tested for compliance with the local government building regulations. If the products exceed or meet the standards that PCT require, then PCT is not needed.

A Practical Guide to Sound Transmission Class and Noise Criteria

A Practical Guide to Sound Transmission Class and Noise Criteria
There are different types of noises. They are not of the same nature. The harsh mixture of unwanted sounds that prevail in the cities contain several. It may be the low sound of a heavy machinery or the blaring high pitch sirens of a police patrol car. How much sound can a wall allow through? Is there a single index to measure all types of sound? The terms STC, NC, and NCB are commonly used when we talk about soundproofing and acoustic treatment.
What is Sound Transmission Class (STC)?
STC stands for Sound Transmission Class. To understand this term we may have to look into some more terms. First, the term dB, or decibels is used to measure the loudness or softness of a sound. To understand it better, a rock band in a disco is around 110 dB. A quiet office may have 30 dB sound level. When you install soundproofing measures, say, on windows, doors, walls etc., the value of dB will come down. This is called transmission loss. In the case of the above disco, if you shut the doors and windows and stand outside the dB reading which was 110 dB may now read 90 dB. It can be said that closing of the doors and windows and measures taken are the reasons for the transmission loss of 20 dB. It is also seen that with the change of frequency of the instruments like guitars played inside the club, the transmission loss is also varying. What is clear now is that transmission loss is dependent on frequency, which is measured Hz (Hertz). A loud drum boom has a frequency of 20-60 Hz, and a guitar around 500 Hz. Human ear can detect sounds at 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Consider 16 standard frequencies ranging from 125 Hz to 4000 Hz, note the corresponding transmission loss, and plot a curve. Compare this curve with several standard curves, and suppose this curve matches approximately an STC 45 curve, we can conclude that the space has a sound transmission class 45.
What is NC and NCB?
Noise Criterion – NC – level is a standard that indicates the loudness (dB) of a space with reference to a range of frequencies (Hz).
The NC rating is obtained from NC curves, by plotting the octave band levels against a given noise spectrum.
NCB Curves
Balanced Noise Criteria (NCB) curves are intended to replace NC curves and are used to specify permissible levels of background noise inside homes and other living spaces like air-conditioning and similar ambient noise.
It can be said that STC reference curves help us decide effectiveness of a wall in preventing sound transmission between rooms. Noise Criterion, in both NC and NCB variants help us to identify the noise present in an environment like a room. Knowing these values is important in formulating solutions for noise control and soundproofing.

Acoustic Sealants and Adhesives To prevent sound from leaking through gaps in walls

Acoustic Sealants and Adhesives
To prevent sound from leaking through gaps in walls, floors, and ceilings acoustic sealants and adhesives are extremely helpful options. Sealants and adhesives improve the noise control and also ensure that there is a tight bonding between the two mating surfaces. Sealants and adhesives play a crucial role in any soundproofing activity. Make sure that the parts are properly bonded and sealed are critical when any acoustic and soundproofing job is considered.
Acoustic Sealants
Though acoustic sealants and adhesives both have similar applications, sealants effectively seal gaps in ceilings, floors, and plaster board. Acoustic silicone sealants are meant specifically for soundproof applications. Sealants are normally not adhesives but some sealants have adhesive properties and are known as adhesive-sealants. Adhesive-sealants play a part not only in noise control but also in bonding two surfaces. The origin of acoustic sealant is latex adhesive which is soundproof and is initially in a semi-liquid form at the time of application and remains in a rubbery state. This property is the reason why sound cannot escape or enter through small gaps. The sealant absorbs most of the leaking sound even before it escapes and creates vibration inside. Acoustic sealant is good for bathrooms because it is water resistant and so you can’t hear water noise outside. The sealant is to be applied liberally in joints between two soundproofing items, like the joints between adjoining drywall panels, or at the joints of floor and wall or wall and ceiling. You can also apply it to seal gaps around electrical boxes, lighting recesses, doors, and windows. The covering plates and other fittings are assembled after application of the sealant. You have many brands of acoustic sealants to choose from. How do you decide? To make the sealant really effective you have to apply it generously wherever it is required to seal all the crevices. If buying a costly one may tempt you to apply it in miserly manner, you may better buy a cheaper sealant, but making sure that it is a sealant and not caulk.
Acoustic Adhesives
Modified starch based wall fabric adhesive is a heavy duty clear based adhesive. This is an ideal adhesive for use with acoustical wall fabric. The adhesive can be painted, rolled, or troweled onto surfaces. Used for light to heavy weight commercial wall coverings, it possesses very good adhesive property and extended open time, that is, the time required for the adhesive to bond. Spray adhesives are meant for fixing acoustic foam to surfaces like drywall, plastics, cardboard, wood, and most metals. This spray adhesive is to be applied to both surfaces being bonded. Spray adhesives are suitable for bonding wood, glass, metal, plastics, and carpets. Apply spray with protection, in open area, and wash your hands after work. Power grab acoustic adhesive is water based, non-toxic and it is easy to install. It provides a permanent bonding when fixing ceiling tiles and wall panels. There are products which have the properties of both acoustic sealants and adhesives combined into one.
Acoustic sealants and adhesives compliment the effects of other acoustic products like foams, panels etc.

Acoustic Shock and Vibration Testing In the present day society

Acoustic Shock and Vibration Testing

In the present day society there are a number of forms of noise all around us that can be regarded a form of pollution if they are not kept under control. To assist keep society free of such extra noise, now there are standards in place concerning it. One manner to ensure that the whole lot is in compliance is through acoustic shock and vibration testing. The documentation that accompanies the general analysis is quite simple to understand. The information permits recommended solutions to also be offered. In this way it is easy enough for understanding what future steps need to be taken. The usage of acoustic shock and vibration testing is always becoming more popular.

Benefits of Acoustic Shock and Vibration Testing

There are many benefits determined through such testing. They check for the strength of the foundation, the overall performance of a system, if the system is resistant to vibration and shock, and if all of the noise regulations are followed. The final thing any business desires is to pay fines for not being compliant.

Simultaneously acoustic shock and vibration testing will help in ensuring that the sound heard by the audience is of high-quality. Nobody wants to attend a live show that sounds terrible. They can get a bad impression of the performing band due to this. There is no realization from them that there are a lot of backstage activities though that affects the overall sounds.

Acoustic shock and vibration testing can provide reliable information as feedback. A business will then be able to find out if everything is under control for them. If modifications have to be made they will be capable of understanding why it is so. Such testing can provide information regarding the amount of noise and vibration offered.

Testing By Experts

Behind this the technology is far complicated however do not worry about that. All of that has to be left to the experts that are concerned with such testing being performed. Take your time for finding a professional which can provide you such services. Find out to what duration the testing has been done by them; get some references, and their pricing.

Determine what sorts of equipment they provide also. They have to have quality sensors and analyzers that they use to finish the testing on behalf of you. You want to make sure you’ve got testing of this type done by the right people. In any other case the results you get from them might not provide you the overall value you had been after.


The cost of acoustic shock and vibration testing will be found to be very affordable. You could want to do some searching online for finding a business in your area offering such benefits. This solution should not be overlooked since it is one that will without a doubt be an asset for you currently and in the future.

What Are the Uses of Sound Proof Insulation?

When it comes directly down to it, doesn’t security dependably appear to be the top need in your home? Possibly you have neighbors that are continually staying their noses into your private concern, maybe the individuals who work for you reliably ask for a private group of onlookers and, accordingly, you have to ensure that what is said to you stays with you. Regardless of what you require security for, there is restricted that you can guarantee that you will get it, and that is using sound confirmation protection.
This is one of the more basic solicitations with regards to sound sealing protection: I have to ensure that my private discussions stay private, so is it conceivable to get my sound verification protection particularly planned so that no one but I can and whoever I am addressing will recollect what is said? The response to the inquiries is so clearly yes, yet the utilizations for sound confirmation protection develop past that! With this fresh out of the box new innovation, you can make a domain suitable for recording studios, private discussions, your office (as to wipe out the greater part of the outside, repetitive sound), quite a lot more! There is truly no limit to the utilizations for sound confirmation protection, despite the fact that security is, truth be told, the most widely recognized goal behind most solid evidence protection clients.
What is better is the way that sound verification protection is presently turning out to be to a great degree moderate, and with the as of now financial business sector smashing everywhere throughout the world, this quality is genuinely a biggest aspect concerning this astonishing item. Truth be told, families, business, non benefits, these associations have the should be consoled that their fiscally centered discussions stay private amid these harsh times, and sound evidence protection is making that conceivable in the most monetarily down to earth style.
For office structures, as a chief of these workplaces, sound sealing gives a superior workplace suitable for private discussion about business matters. Indeed, even past that, sound confirmation protection totally wipes out all repetitive sound the outside world, making an air of common sense and effectiveness with truly no outside diversions meddling with every day operations. This absence of diversion can rapidly make a more effective air, bringing on your workers to concentrate on the current workload, making your business more productive over the long haul. More benefit equivalents more income; more income equivalents more budgetary security; all things considered, when you introduce the sound sealing protection into your office building, you are expanding your odds revenue driven expansion, making this underlying buy definitely justified even despite their weight in gold.

What are Lafarge access floors?

Gypsum is a mineral that is made up fundamentally of calcium sulfate that has been hydrated. It is utilized for the most part to make things, for example, manure and mortar of Paris. It can likewise be utilized as a part of development, as it makes magnificent mortar. It likewise makes great gypsum board as well, which can be utilized as a part of the covering of floors. This is the place it is utilized as a part of the production of floor tiles and sheets, as it holds together extremely well and, when made into board, is an exceptionally strong sort of surface.
Lafarge access floors are surfaced to a great extent from gypsum. Lafarge itself claim a few fantastic gypsum mines and the gypsum is prepared into board from that point and made into the stuff that can surface raised ground surface.
Aside from the surface, Lafarge additionally has an assortment of extraordinary access flooring alternatives with regards to the stringers and platform choices that they can offer you. There is no such thing as only one sort of access floor framework – you can now pick the one that will suit your surroundings best.
The distinctive Lafarge access floor frameworks
The unattached framework. This is a framework where there are no stringers required to grapple the platforms together. The sheets essentially find onto a steel platform and stay there because of sharp weight area.
The screw down raised floor framework. In this framework, the boards screw down onto the platform heads. This entrance floor framework is extraordinary for office situations, yet not for server rooms, as the sheets will be difficult to lift ought to server upkeep should be led.
The jolt on stringer access framework. This is a framework where the stringers are rushed on, implying that you have greatest hold, without the bother of having your board screwed onto your platforms. The platforms are all safely held set up by the stringers and the sheets are allowed to move.
These raised deck frameworks are perfect for office situations where there are a ton of links and power indicates that you’d like keep covered up. Access flooring makes up a basic and rich answer for your server room also, as you can essentially lift the loads up whenever and do the support that is required.
Raised floors will keep your representatives safe from the stumbling dangers that are connected with links, particularly in server rooms. It is in this manner essential that you get the absolute best, and getting Lafarge items will enormously expand your odds of having a sheltered work environment. On the off chance that you get the floors that are surfaced with gypsum, you will likewise be in for quite a while with your entrance floor, as the gypsum will make it a hard wearing, enduring surface.

Acoustic treatment involves treating the rooms with sound absorbing materials

Acoustic Treatment
Acoustic treatment involves treating the rooms with sound absorbing materials. The sound absorbing materials help in reducing echo, reverberation, and standing waves. Absorbing materials like mineral wool and acoustic foam do not prevent sound from escaping from the room. For example, acoustic tiles will reduce the ‘liveness’ of the room and make it more appropriate for recording music, performing music, and even listening to music.
Acoustic isolation of the room from the world outside is soundproofing. Also, leakage of sound between rooms is reduced by it. For example, if there are two adjoining recording rooms soundproofing is needed for reducing Studio B affecting Studio A.
Room isolation will be improved by mineral wool and acoustic foam but to a very less extent only. A lot of work and cost are involved for being able to soundproof properly. A room inside a room needs to be built for gaining perfect sound isolation. This is very costly but some easy and cheap solutions are there that can lessen sound leakage and improve sound isolation. Firstly a good idea is to seal windows and doors completely, as sound transmission mostly occurs from this. After this is done installing a ventilation unit is needed. Turning the sound levels down is another solution.
Acoustic foam is needed for reducing reverberation time and to usually improve the room acoustics. Installation of products like bass traps and acoustic tiles makes recordings tight and defined instead of having a lot of color and an unmanageable room.
There is also a need for acoustic treatment in a room where mixing will be taking place. If there is a lot of echo and a reverberation time is very long in the room then mixes will not be in harmony and badly judged.
But there can be an installation of a lot of acoustic treatment. There will be unnatural recording due to this. The results will display an absence of color and it will be very difficult to work in the room created. This is why a room is never treated with acoustic foam totally. Work should be done on percentages. The start will be with the minimum and little by little has to be added until the perfect sound is got or the sound the client is striving to get. When some of the ceiling and walls are left bare still there are some reflective surfaces helping in keeping the room live a little bit. There is no similarity between rooms and a lot of planning and forethought are required for each and every room. The construction of a room, the proportion of its width to its height and length all have a bearing on the sounding of the room and the extent of acoustic treatment needed.

What Acoustic Issues Are Faced by Commercial Cinemas

In any business silver screen, there will be three sorts of acoustic issues that should be tended to – these should be controlled keeping in mind the end goal to empower a solid level of ticket deals. Motion picture fans won’t acknowledge paying a premium section cost for a film that they can just hear in specific regions of the assembly room, and the same issues will happen for a motion picture. The primary potential acoustic issues can be classified into three principle sorts – building acoustics, room acoustics and acoustic confinement. On the off chance that every one of the three of these are determined, clients will more often than not wish to return over and over and leave their TV for game and cleanser musical dramas!
Assembling acoustics are a critical variable while developing a multiplex film, and the complex sound frameworks that are utilized are prepared to do greatly abnormal amounts of yield. At the point when numerous films are appearing in the meantime, there is a threat that uproarious successions could be heard in the bordering rooms – a noteworthy issue when a boisterous motion picture is playing by a calm one. The best method for containing a motion picture’s soundtrack is to apply protecting items to dividers and roofs in the same way that cavity divider protection is connected to keep warm inside of a property. Distinctive evaluations of protection can be observed that offer shifting levels of sound control.
Room acoustics are something else that should be observed painstakingly once the building acoustics have been managed. The shape and size of the individual theater will influence the general nature of sound that contacts the gathering of people, and resound and resonation can demolish the entire experience in the event that it is not managed. Acoustic safeguards give a perfect answer for this, and they are produced using authority materials that retain the undesirable clamor components from their area on the dividers and roofs.
Acoustic separation can be an issue for silver screens that lay speakers on different surfaces, and retires can transmit extra undesirable commotion that is initially discharged from the speaker. To keep this from happening, acoustic tangles can be utilized that retain this undesirable sound before it achieves whatever is left of the building, and comparative items are accessible that rest under speakers.
With these things, it is imperative to get them introduced by a prepared group of experts. They can guarantee that all items are situated in the most worthwhile arrangement.

Benefits of raised access floors in interior designing and decoration

The Concept behind Raised Access Floors in interior designing and decoration

The benefits of raised access floors  in interiors have been well recognized now and the new building interior designs for business incorporate raised access floors in their plan. An access floor  in interiors is an elevated floor built upon the base concrete floor, with an access to the plenum thus formed between the raised floor and the base floor. The plenum serves as a space for the distribution of services like power, data and voice and also for heating and cooling systems. The floor height is about 65 mm minimum and adjustable to more than 1.8 meters. The whole system is modular in the sense that you can control the entire electrical component switching system from panel control board receptacle. The finished floor surface of the top of the panel can be laid with carpet tile, laminate, vinyl tile, materials such as cork or wood or finished concrete. If you install a HVAC system which can be located below the raised floor most of the duct work can be avoided and so also other insulation requirements.

Raised access floors Planning and Design in interiors

The introduction of access floors in the offices and other work areas is becoming more and more popular by the day because the benefits of raised access floors are many. The solution that the raised access floors offer is ideally suited to support the activities of business situations that are highly informative and largely computerized. Owners and developers together with facility managers and building interior designers have to tackle the unenviable task of frequently changing scenario of high churn rates, technology-driven operations, ensuring flexibility and at the same time keeping the total costs down.

All this would mean that you have to take a new look at the planning and construction of the buildings. It must also be ensured that all the related systems of the building are integrated such that there is no confusion and that they support one another.

It has been seen that in many instances, in the case of conventionally planned buildings, the cost of maintenance and changeover are very high. The users postpone such changes and in that process sacrifice efficiency and comfort. It is also a fact that in several cases the facilities created by older designs become redundant because the wiring and related interior installations for distribution cannot meet the needs of changing technology and organizational changes.
By correctly planning the building with foresight and creativity one need not worry about changes because it will become easier and routine and the newer technological changes can be easily adapted without much disturbance to the existing layouts. A building thus designed interiors can be called an intelligent building interiors because it has the capacity and flexibility to accommodate changes and also can encourage changes.

Benefits of Raised Access Floors in interior designing 

Changes in cabling and wiring in interior designing can be engineered for faster interior installation. Offices can be quickly reconfigured without interfering with power, air distribution system, data and voice services. Among the many benefits of raised access floors in interior designing are easy power, air, and telecommunication distribution and the resulting environmental and economic benefits, ease of access and easy reconfiguration of the communication system below the floor.

What Acoustic Flooring Products Do You Need?

In the event that you’ve concluded that you require acoustic deck, then you may definitely know precisely what you need, and why. On the other hand, you won’t not comprehend what to search for, or where to begin.
1. You’ll have to build up your needs, by choosing what your acoustic deck will be utilized for, and what kind of commotion you need to lessen. Maybe you’re youngsters are learning musical instruments, or you need a home film, or maybe you’re bolstered up of listening to a vibrating clothes washer, or strides on the stairs
2. In case you’re not certain what you need, or how to make your home calmer, then it makes send to look for expert help, with the goal that you don’t miss the point. You would prefer not to purchase the wrong items, or not get the outcomes you anticipated.
3. You’ll have to build up which rooms you’re fitting acoustic ground surface in. A kitchen will require diverse sorts of acoustic protection and ground surface to a front room.
4. There are distinctive sorts of acoustic protection and gliding flooring, contingent upon whether you are taking a shot at another building, or renovating a current building.
5. Important security benchmarks must be met by your coasting flooring items, so you’ll have to guarantee that you get the right sort for your needs, and for your building. You would prefer not to trade off your family if there should be an occurrence of a fire.
6. You’re new ground surface should finish Pre Completion Testing, to guarantee that it is legitimate, and suitable. This should be finished by a building overseer. On the other hand, by utilizing acoustic ground surface items that are Robust Details consistent, they as of now surpass the Pre Completion Testing standard, and don’t should be investigated.
7. You’ll have to guarantee that the ground surface you utilize meets the significant commotion decrease details, with the goal that it does the employment you need it to. You’ll be baffled on the off chance that you introduce another floor, just to find that it doesn’t quieten your home as you’d trusted.
8. It’s essential that you additionally get the extras you’re going to need to introduce and utilize your new ground surface. You may authority fitting devices, or floor upkeep items to continue functioning admirably and looking great.
9. In case you’re not certain about fitting your new floor, then it’s a smart thought to get it professionally fitted by your supplier. This guarantees it is fitted appropriately, and will meet the important determinations, and will likewise meet the guidelines set by the Building Regulations.
10. Despite the fact that you may have a financial plan personality a primary concern, it’s fundamental that you don’t purchase your new deck on cost alone. You’ll need to ensure that you’re getting the administration you expect, and in addition the right item. On the off chance that you require your acoustic ground surface introducing, then you’ll need experienced qualified fitters to do it for you.