Sound silencer as wall panels and ceiling tiles in soundproofing for interior designing and decoration

Sound silencer are made up of PEPP Porous Expanded Polypropylene .There are some new kind of wall panels such as ceiling tiles, hanging baffles and wall panels .because of the properties that exist in these panels they are called as class A fire retardant and rated as both STC (Sound Transmission class) and NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) which is used to rate the effectiveness of the material to absorb the sound. These sound silencers are free from chloro-fluro carbons and extremely versatile as they can be used in variety of ways
The acoustical sound proofing panels are used both in indoor as well as Outdoor.
They can be easily tackled, they are light weighted.
They are free from all kind of bacteria and fungi so that the material is not damaged due to this micro Organisms. So that we can assure that the material can be used for longer terms without the natural means of getting spoiled.
These acoustic panels are very easy to install due to its properties of sound absorbing it can be used in many places for ex in gymnasiums so that there maintain a low sound and gymnastic is concentrated on his work and moments. In swimming pool to avoid the sound from exterior, in ice rinks, gun ranges etc.
The ceiling tiles has got two great properties i.e. of blocking the sound as well as great sound absorbing qualities .the ceiling tiles are non-fibrous. They are mostly used in air borne environments and sensitive areas such as clean rooms food preparation places and hygienic areas such as laboratories.
The soundproofing are resilient can be brought back into its original form after being bending or compressed. And can withstand for wear and tear conditions are very tough and long-lasting and remain unaffected for water, oils and other chemicals .these sound proof panels are washable and ease to use for noise problems.
The sound out is free from volatile organic compounds and will not release the toxic substances which will affect the health and free from chemicals also.
This sound proofing materials are cost effective and can be easily installed with a low labor cost also since it is made up of some Porous Expanded Polypropylene it is Eco-friendly and easy to clean and wash the material.
The ultimate goal of these sound proof products is to reduce the noise and maintain the peace atmosphere and block the sound from exterior as well as to absorb the interior sound.

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