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Basic Noise control Methods Soundproofing

Basic Approaches to Noise Control

The idea of noise control to an average person may appear to be very simple like telling the noisy children to quiet down. But from a scientific point of view, noise control is a far more complex matter. The methods of achieving noise control depend on the source as well as materials connected with the annoying sound. As a matter of fact, there are 4 fundamental methods to achieve real noise reduction. It may be noted that each method is more appropriate to certain situations than others depending upon the root causes and situations of the disturbance being considered. The following are the four basic methods for achieving successful noise control.

Sound Insulation

With this method of noise control, the aim is to install a solid barrier to the area so that it helps lessen the reverberation of sound waves. Very similar to the insulation of a house that helps keep warm air inside and shuts out cold air (and vice versa when the seasons change), this approach successfully reduces the transmission of sound within a defined space by adding materials that prevent the sound waves. High-density materials like steel, concrete and stone are regularly utilized in this application because it is difficult for sound to penetrate them.

Sound Absorption

This concept is derived from a fundamental law of physics which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. But, it can be changed into another form. In the case of sound absorption, the energy in sound is transferred into heat. Further, this process minimizes the noise in the space by lessening the remaining energy in the sound wave. Subsequently, the amplitude of every sound wave cycle is minimized, leading to the related sound to trail off. As the name suggests, this method of noise control depends on the application of porous materials that really "soak up" the sound. Permeable materials like polyurethane foam are among the most sought after materials to accomplish this.

Vibration Damping

This form of control of noise is applicable to vibrating surfaces rather than air-borne sound waves. Damping is applied to extract the energy due to vibration and convert the same into heat. As in the case of sound absorption, this method depends on converting the energy from original vibration into heat energy, thereby minimizing the quantum of energy available for the original vibration. This will result in controlling the effect of the vibration on the surrounding environment.

Vibration Isolation

In this form, noise control is effected by protecting individuals or objects from vibration. This is done by putting up some form of physical obstruction creating a barrier between the individual or object being protected and the source of vibration. To understand this concept take the case of suspension system in an automobile. In this example, a system of brackets, springs and shock absorbers are used to isolate and also to protect the occupants of the vehicle from the impact of external forces.

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