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 Effects of Noise Pollution on Health
Noise pollution affects human health seriously but slowly, the repercussions coming in the long run. Given below are some  effects of noise pollution on human health after prolonged exposure lasting months or even years:-
Noise pollution affects our mental health almost immediately. For instance, take the case of people who live very near airports. They may probably become quite jumpy. Non-stop noise can trigger panic attacks in people and can also heighten frustration levels. Noise pollution is also a big constraint in the focusing of mind to specific tasks. Over a period of time, mind loses its ability for concentrating on matters.
Another quick damage caused by noise pollution is loss of clear hearing ability. Noise pollution will also cause short time deafness. But continued exposure to noise for a long time, can pose danger of the person going totally deaf.
Noise pollution can have its effect on the heart too. It is noticed that the rate of pumping of blood by the heart goes up when a persistent noise stimulus is present causing side-effects similar to higher heartbeat rates, breathlessness, palpitations, etc., which may also lead to seizures. Noise pollution may affect eyes and result in dilation of the pupils. This could interfere with the health of your vision later in life.
Noise pollution has been known to worsen digestive spasms. This could be the sign of serious gastrointestinal problems.
Controlling Noise Pollution
Governments try their best to control noise pollution, but it is a difficult job and must be appreciated. If we do not look after ourselves, noise pollution will continue to pose a big problem. Following are some tips on individual efforts needed for minimizing noise pollution for everybody.
We must frequently inspect our appliances being used at home. There is rubber insulation for most of these equipment that is also a good soundproofing material. But after some time, this insulation will wear out, and then noise pollution starts. Keep a watch on such appliances needing maintenance, and change the insulation if necessary.
Grow more trees and it is a very important way to reduce roadside noise. Trees are buffers that absorb sound produced on the streets reducing noise pollution. You may notice that roads having trees on either side are more silent. Grow trees all around your house if possible. This will be effective if you are staying near an airport.
Do not use vehicle horns unless absolutely needed. Even if you are in a hurry to get through, honking will not help. It will in fact add to pollution. Those working in factories which make plenty of noise must wear muffs and earplugs. If you own the factory, equip your workers with these.
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