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Common Soundproofing Materials General aspects of Soundproofing

This article is in four parts. In part 1, general aspects of soundproofing and some basic materials used in soundproofing are discussed. Part 2 deals with effectiveness of soundproofing, Part 3 discusses sound absorbers and Part 4 deals with sound barriers.

There are several different materials that find use in soundproofing. Few of them are easily available and quite affordable. Some others are branded and have unknown specifications and/or design features and are generally expensive. Be careful, it is usually the expensive branded materials which put up most shocking claims. Actually you can realize good soundproofing from easily available and low-priced materials provided you know what you want.

Coming to the cost aspect, it is not easy to fix a budget limit on soundproofing. There are many variables like the source of purchase of your materials, the quantity of material need by you, the nature of surface on which you will be working and so on. If it is a DIY job, you can perhaps apply the rule of thumb method which is, the total cost will be calculated based on twice the price (per square meter or square foot) of the principal material that is being used by you. For example, if the cost of the material you are using is $5 per unit area you might need to budget $10 per unit area for doing the job. Naturally, the extra $5 is for the other elements of the soundproofing. This is only a very approximate method of calculation and it is assumed that labor costs are not covered.

How to compare the relative effect of a material? A material can be regarded as cost effective if it provides a good amount of soundproofing at a comparatively low price when compared to some other materials or when compared to a larger quantity of the very same material. So it is very probable that you might already know about a very effective soundproofing material that is not being discussed here. Suppose you are compiling a list of basic soundproofing materials it may consist of the following:

• Drywall/plasterboard and may be mass loaded vinyl

• Laminated glass

• Flexible acoustical caulking with caulking gun

• Resilient fixings like furring channels

• Solid core doors

• Basic timber frames

There are no specific soundproofing materials that are easy to work with. Most soundproofing methods and materials need some effort. You can succeed provided you take enough time and read a lot about the best installation practice. For instance plasterboard (drywall) installation is easy provided it is done recipe style. On the contrary if you attempt to manage it as and when the problem arises, you may end up creating an unpleasant mess. Also, the techniques and materials presented here are meant for your guidance and at the same time also effective for comparatively inexpensive soundproofing.

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