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Understanding Sound Decibels

Quick Point # 1 Decibel (dB) = standard unit of the intensity of a sound.

A fundamental knowledge of measuring loudness or sound levels is an essential ingredient in the correct design and planning of any public space or room. To completely understand decibels you have to know that loudness devoid of a measure that is standardized is subjective. To you what is loud might not be to another. On aging and experiencing life your ears will be affected by both outside and normal influences. These changes could affect the way we hear and could also affect our sensitivity to levels of sound at particular frequencies. Things are not heard by any two people the same way.

In the audio industry the measurement used most commonly is called the Decibel (dB). A (dB) measures the sound intensity, Sound Pressure Level (SPL), volume or loudness level of a sound. The standard measure dB is used in specifications of audio equipment. Also it is the standard used by professionals in construction industry for soundproofing materials and similar applications that involve the treatment or suppression of sound energy. The decibel scale was made to place a measure universally accepted on levels of sound pressure. It is a logarithmic scale of measurement of efficient sound pressure with reference to a reference value.

A variation of 1 dB is equal to a (+ or -) 10% variation in level of volume. A variation of (+) 10dB is equivalent to a 100% raise in the level of reference volume. A variation of (-) 10dB is equivalent to a decline of 50% in the level of reference volume. According to logic 100 dB must be double as loud as 50 dB. In reality it is 32 times as loud. Let us look into one of the usual specifications using dB as a reference. Given below is the specification of an ordinary loudspeaker. It displays a frequency response of 38 hZ (bass) to 22 kHz (treble). The ±3dB tells us is that this speaker can differ from this specification to the extent of +30% or -30%. When thinking of it in those terms that difference in 3dB can be reasonably significant in how those speakers perform.

"Frequency response of speaker 38 Hz – 22 kHz ±3dB"

The scale of measurement can be a little confusing in the beginning but once known becomes a crucial tool in the design, planning, and building of a facility. A precise way will be given by it for determining the efficiency of any material or equipment used in the building process. If you are concerned about transmission of sound from one room to another or reverberation of sound (echo) inside a room knowledge of the measurement scale in decibels is necessary. You can properly specify the right solution for your project by knowing the decibel scale.

Just keep in mind that 10 dB is more than only 10 dB it is = to 2x or ½ of the level of sound.

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