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Reflection of Sound

People hear sounds of various kinds every day, for example, music, voices of creatures and even the sound of our own breathing. A number of people generally prefer to listen to music through their earphones rather than through their phones, because the echo from the earphones is superior, that is, actually the reflection of sound.

Most of the sounds that we hear are actually waves generated by the vibrating matter. And the transmitted wave carries the sound energy. For instance, try exciting a tuning fork by striking it and then put it into a basin that is filled with water. You see that sound waves are formed in the water and they spread out beginning from the tuning fork that is vibrating in the water. The waves after hitting the rim of the basin starts reflecting back towards the tuning fork. After a while the waves become weaker and disappear.

This shows that whenever sound travels through a particular medium, the waves carrying the sound energy will collide with the surfaces of different mediums and reflect back in the opposite direction. We call this process as the reflection of sound.

Portion of sound energy getting reflected is determined by the surface on which it reflects. When the surface is smooth and rigid the sound energy that is reflected will be larger, whereas when the surface is irregular and soft it will be smaller. Actually, the sound reflection is somewhat similar to light reflection. The incident angle is the same as the reflected angle when reflection of sound takes place from a smooth surface. On the contrary, if the reflection takes place from an irregular surface the sound gets distorted. There are many examples in actual life when the phenomenon of reflection of sound is utilized. Some people prefer singing in the bathroom taking a shower because the bathroom wall is hard and smooth.  On the contrary, you will find that the walls of professional studios for recording are always made from rigid matter and absorbent material, to minimize the echo as the song is being recorded. Also the concert hall and auditorium stereo relies on the balancing of absorption and reverberation.

Moreover, the principle of acoustic detector of seabed is based on the reflection of sound. Researchers depend upon the acoustic detector located in the seabed to learn about the geographical nature of life in the submarine world. Detector picks up sound signals and sends the energy out in all directions and gets back the reflected sound. By analyzing the distance, power, angle, and the time difference between sending and receiving the sound the detector portrays a digital map of the topography of underwater life, which helps scientists search unexplored places with minimum risks.

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