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School Classroom Acoustics and ANSI Standard 

  ANSI Standard S 12.60 on Classroom Acoustics

On any given day, several thousand students throughout the country do not comprehend even 25 to 30 percent of the subjects that are being taught in classrooms. What happens is that too much reverberation and noise in a classroom affects a student’s capacity to listen to what is being said by their teacher.

Before we review the standard under discussion, it’s imperative to know the characteristics of sound encountered in the classroom that influences a student’s capability to listen and learn.

Direct Sound Control

The sound carrying the teacher’s voice traveling from the teacher directly to the student is known as direct sound. This is most beneficial as far as speech intelligibility is concerned because it is not hindered by any object inside the space, making it distinct and clear.

Reflected Sound

A sound that is reflected takes more time to arrive at the listener’s station compared to direct sound for the reason that its route to the listener is lengthier. Reflected sound is beneficial or otherwise depending on the delay in time.

Reverberation Time

The general effect of sound when it gets reflected in a room is known as reverberation, and the actual time taken by the reflected sound to fade out and become inaudible is termed as reverberation time. The shorter the reverberation time the better is speech intelligibility.

Background Noise

Any kind of sound produced outside the school building, like playground activity, planes and traffic can be said to be background noise. It usually enters the classroom through the windows. Inside the building, a system like H V A C and corridor noise can also produce background noise.

New ANSI Standard

ANSI Standard S12.60 is meant for classroom acoustics and deals with the issues of both background noise and reverberation time and the consequence on intelligibility of speech and specifies the maximum allowable levels on them.

As per the standard, the maximum permissible reverberation time in a furnished, unoccupied classroom having a volume below 10,000 cubic feet should be 0.6 seconds, and for a room having volume from 10,000 to 20,000 cubic feet it should be 0.7 seconds. For background noise the permissible level of sound allowed for the same classroom should not be more than 35 decibels (dBA).

The acoustical performance norms and design conditions specified by the standard is applicable right from the design and construction stages to all new learning spaces and classrooms of small and medium sizes, and, also to reconstruction and design of renovation and if practical, to the design and reconstruction of refurbished spaces as well.

Presently, the ANSI standard is not compulsory unless enforced by a regulation, code or ordinance. But, the school administration may require that the standard be complied with as per their building documents for newly constructed schools. The ANSI S 12.60 Standard is freely downloadable online.

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