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Acoustical soundproofing sound transmission ratings STC

Understanding Sound Transmission (STC) Ratings

. Quick Points

1) Every material used in soundproofing will have ratings of STC that are high at frequencies over 1000 Hz.

2) Performance of soundproofing will reduce as the frequencies go down below 1000 Hz.

3) Performance of soundproofing will reduce considerably in the lower (sub 300 Hz) frequencies.

4) A material for soundproofing having an STC rating of 38 at 4000 Hz however may have a rating of only 15 at 125 Hz. Remembering the reference in Part 3, Decibels you will know that the difference between 38 dB and 15 dB is more than 4x the sound level.

Are ratings of STC misleading? The answer is yes and also no. It actually depends on the application. Suppose you are attempting to soundproof an executive office or boardroom they are very valid. Suppose you are attempting soundproofing a room that will be utilized for movies, music, or events that will create a lot of sound energy with low frequency then yes is the answer. The issue is that majority of the sound energy is less than the range of STC measurement of 125 Hz. Suppose you have a system of surround sound at home including a sub woofer it can be explained this way. A sub woofer operates typically at frequencies of 20-80 Hz. The rating of STC totally ignores this range. The most awful part about it is that frequencies such as these are the main culprits when considering sound transmission. If addressed properly they very much better the experience of anybody who could be making use of the facility.

Unluckily very less test data is accessible from the soundproofing industry. Everybody wants to show ratings that are high however we need to analyze the numbers for finding the right solution for your room.

MTC and OITC ratings are a little more appropriate to soundproofing for movies & music while they extend down below 80 Hz. These measurements for soundproofing are harder to find since most manufacturers utilize the Sound Transmission Class Rating. However even these don’t give all you require.

So how to find the information you need?

STC rating does not deal with the most troublesome soundproofing frequencies. It must not be considered a dependable source of measurements for your purpose.

As shown above the rating is an average and there will be a variation of performance inside the frequency range considered by the STC. The effectiveness of soundproofing needs to be examined by tested frequencies not the general average. If we require true soundproofing and data performance ratings you require the real test results for the frequencies less than 125 Hz. These are hard to find however they are accessible from some manufacturers.

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