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Sound Waves and soundproofing products and materials

Sound Waves

A fundamental understanding of sound is vital for the right planning and design of whichever public space or room. Suppose you have had the experience of not having the ability to clearly comprehend a speaker at a gathering or an event possibly be there at a classical concert only for bad sound quality to distract you, you know what is referred to. Acoustics and sound can be a very difficult subject to research into. From these articles you will get knowledge which will be beneficial for the objective of designing your theater or listening room.

Quick Point # 1

Air is regarded as an elastic medium. This implies that molecules of air will expand and contract.

From the source sound energy radiates and transmits via air in waves. A good instance would be throwing a rock into a pond and watching the expansion of the ripples of water from the point of contact.

Waves of sound travel by producing a chain reaction of the molecules of air. The increased pressure of air made from the source expands the nearby air molecules. The molecules of air collide with adjacent air molecules transmitting the energy.

Imagine a forest. When the wind blows through the tree tops there is a movement of branches in the wind’s direction coming back to their previous position when the wind passes, never shifting from their fixed location.

All this happens with extraordinary speed and is totally unseen by the human eye. There is a repetition of this reaction until there is a decline of energy of sound wave. When the waves transmit through air they will steadily loose intensity / energy.

An instance would be;

2x the distance = 1/4 the intensity and 4x the distance = 1/16 the intensity

The speed of sound waves at sea level is 1130 feet per second. Sound will transmit faster in metal or water, than through air. Sound travels faster through denser mediums.

So you will get an idea of the way sound travels from this, however how do we hear it, you could ask?

On the receiving end our ears are designed to gather sound waves. The inner ear transforms the waves to electrical signals, and for processing subsequently passed to the brain. All the difficult work is done by our brains of converting the waves of sound into the amazing sounds we hear.

Quick Point # 2

Outer space has no sound. No medium = no noise

Sound Frequencies Explained

Knowing about frequencies is pertinent to the audio excellence of the room. Waves of sound are quantified in frequencies (number of cycles completed per second). There is a variation in the length of a sound wave based on its frequency. This ranges from 56 feet for a 20 Hz tone to as less as 1-1/16 inch (.0565") for a 20,000 Hz tone.

Frequencies are expressed in Hertz (Hz), a measurement of the number of cycles per second the wave of sound completes. Frequencies can be heard from 20 Hz (cycles per second) to about 20,000 Hz.

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