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Spray Foam Insulation Project Ideas: Introduction and General Applications

This article is in two parts. In Part-1 we will discuss the general applications of spray foam insulation and Part-2 we shall consider some latest trends.

There are quite a few of those who sell and manufacture spray foam and claim that polyurethane foam when used in the form of an insulator at home can bring about a reduction in the costs of heating and cooling by about 30-50%. Obviously the real amount of savings is depending upon several factors, each unique in its application, that it is impossible for us to predict the accuracy of such figures. But what we know for certain is that this type of insulation of the closed cell type has R-value equal to 6.7 per inch of set foam. This is a real fact, irrespective of what the application is.

General applications of Spray form insulation

But, what is not known to most people is that spray foam insulation is capable of effectively being used in other applications apart from attics as well as walls. It is a fact the insulating, sound proofing, sound deadening, sealing, resistance to moisture, resistance to rodents and also insects and such abilities of polyurethane foam are helpful to several other areas that most people don’t know. We shall examine all the possible applications of spray foam insulation. Of course there could be some applications that the most experienced contractors also may not have thought of!

Other than spraying attics and studs between walls, also insulate the joist at the rim. If you do, the inner cavities are shielded better from penetration of cold/hot air and invasions by critters. Crawlspaces are the best places for spraying polyurethane foam; drafts get blocked, insects kept away, no build-up of moisture and wide-ranging flood damage are avoided. Now take for instance the older homes where you find the water pipes outside the building facing the risk of freezing during winter. Think of the benefits of insulating the pipes with spray foam. Barring extreme temperatures, 99% of domestic applications will be hugely benefitted out of this application.

Recreational facilities

Now take the case of the recreational facilities of the house, like pools, boats, spas, trailers and recreational vehicles. Cutting down the expenditure of heating the swimming pool water by 50% will be possible by insulating sides and underlying cavity with polyurethane foam. Trailers and campers are usually not insulated beyond a superficial overlay, leading to minimum use during the autumn and spring months. You can extend the annual use of your recreational vehicles by putting on a spray foam insulation layer. Also, the spray foam will help dampen street noise. Pleasure boats, yachts, and also dinghies, can be benefitted by polyurethane foam. Apart from the insulating properties, the foam also adds buoyancy. For small vessels like kid's summer dinghy and row boats, is an extra safety benefit.


For huge refurbishment works and new buildings you always a need to cover up voids for increasing structural reliability, leveling uneven cavities, insulating HVAC parts and closing air pockets. Polyurethane foam can be the right solution for all such needs. It penetrates all those tiny voids and swells until no more space is left.

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