Mounted Acoustic Panels In Interior designing and decoration

Mounted Acoustic Panels

Clamour issues can majorly affect your way of life, be at home or at the working environment. There are numerous ventures where controlling resonator and guarantee general sound quality is of most extreme significance. In such occasions you require arrangements that can help in lessening the clamour levels and in the meantime enhance the sound quality inside your office or at home. Moreover, there are occasions where clamour levels can bring about a considerable measure of impediment to your neighbors and those inside of the region of your home. With a specific end goal to wipe out commotion issues pick suitable mounted boards.

Requirement for Acoustic Panels

Mounted boards are intended to control resonation and improve the general sound nature of your insides. These boards are utilized to enhance discourse and in addition the music quality in an assortment of uses. Since these boards are intended to retain sound waves crosswise over various frequencies it is vital to pick the right sort of acoustic boards to get the best results. For example, timber boards convey better results at low frequencies while fabric secured acoustic boards are most appropriate for higher frequencies.

Picking the Right Panels

Obtaining the privilege mounted acoustic boards is generally subordinate upon the sort of sound set up you have in your home or office. There are a couple of things that you can consider before purchasing acoustic items. Firstly, decide the clamor levels that you encounter regularly at your home or office. Next, decide the explanation behind introducing acoustic boards either at your home or work environment. This implies you will need to figure out if you need to enhance the general sound quality or to keep outer clamor far from your room. Something else that you ought to consider is the sort of work you do in the space anticipated establishment. Further, you ought to likewise consider what the item and establishment expenses are.

Resonation Controllers

Each home has rooms that have dividers, roofs, floors and hard surfaces that can prompt resound or resonation issues. In such rooms and spaces you will confront issues like mutilation of music, troubles in comprehension discourse, and so forth. The best arrangement in such circumstances is to introduce acoustic boards that can ingest sound. Another arrangement is to introduce acoustic boards on the roof. This should be possible by settling the boards specifically to the roof or utilize a suspension framework.

At last, when searching for mounted boards, select an organization that has a broad circulation arrange and can offer you an extensive variety of boards in various hues and wraps up.

Moov Group Is one of the best organisation with great experience in handling with sound and noise problems in commercial spaces and industrial areas. Residential and home theater acoustics also will be handled with care and accuracy. Imported acoustics materials from USA at your local competitive cost available with acoustical surfaces company.

Acoustical Soundproofing Fire Retardant Acoustic Products

Fire Retardant Acoustic Products

Fire retardant acoustic products are acoustic products that are resistant to fire. During the selection of an acoustic material fire safety has equal importance as sound performance. Fire rated materials are usually not required in residential applications. However, several building codes make it compulsory to use fire-restrictive materials in construction, particularly if parts of the building are shared commons or open to the public. For commercial applications and public areas, fire-restrictive products are usually required. Also they can be a dependable plan for any occupied area. When buying acoustic panels you should usually look for acoustic materials that are Class A fire-rated.

Uses of Fire Retardant Acoustic Products

Fire Retardant Acoustic Foam (FR Foam) is completely non-flammable. Its usage is similar to ordinary acoustic foam but has various uses. Particularly it can be used in ventilation and heating ducts, enclosures, machinery guards, and even buildings. It additionally offers good heat insulation and is advantageous over alternative sorts of insulation of not losing fibre particles or dust.

Echo Eliminator Acoustical Cotton is a multipurpose, economical, Class A fire retardant, high performance, and sound absorbing. It is made from recycled cotton. It is very durable and can be used in applications which need decreased reverberation time or cost effective noise control. The usage of Echo Eliminator is as hanging baffle or an acoustical wall panel. It can be commonly used in classrooms, school, gyms, community centers, multi-purpose rooms and more. Echo Eliminator can be easily installed to walls, ceilings, or equipment enclosures using construction or contact adhesive.

Sound Silencer is made from PEPP (Porous Expanded Polypropylene) that is recyclable. These wall and ceiling panels are lightweight, affordable solution to absorbing and blocking sound for ceilings, walls, and other applications where it is important to have resistance to fire, moisture, and impact. Sound Silencer panels can be easily installed to improve sound control in many environments. Sound Silencer is Class A fire retardant, non-fibrous, non-abrasive, impact resistant, water resistant, lightweight, and fungi and mold bacteria resistant. These panels have a NRC and also STC rating, can be used indoors or outdoors, and a tractable surface. Sound Silencer can be used as a wall panel, ceiling tile, hanging baffle, or outdoor barrier.

Mineral wool insulation is very versatile and unique product. Mineral wool insulation is made from stone, molten glass, or slag (industrial waste) that is spun into a structure like fiber and which creates a combination of properties that cannot be matched by any other insulation material. It has many uses. It has unequaled fire, thermal and acoustical performance. It does not spread flame and no smoke is developed. It is better than cellulose, glass fiber, and other insulation in many characteristics. Mineral wool controls sound and is one among the Class A fire retardant acoustic products as others mentioned above.


Bedroom Interior Designing and decoration guidelines

Bedroom Interior Designing and decoration needs to be done with the consultation of the owner of the house in each and every stage as the bedroom is the most private section of the house. If the bedroom is a bit larger we don’t need to hesitate to use the dark colors at the same time if the bedroom size is less than average we need to consider the light colors. Bedroom should not be congested with lot of materials and accessories, neat and clean bedrooms gives a privacy and peacefulness while resting at home.
Living room interiors should satisfy all the members of the house. At the same time it should associated with the other bedroom and bathroom themes and colors to match the idea of the rooms and the house. Though each have a separate taste in color and design, somehow have to compromise when it comes to the living room. Because it is for all and should satisfy all the members of the family.
Minimum decorations and colors make the bedroom interiors worth to relax and stay peacefully during night times. Ceiling should always painted with light colors or if possible with white color. White color is the universal color, which can be matched with any color combinations. Painting the bedroom walls is not obvious if you are going to change the bedroom theme very often. Wall papers are suitable for the occasions and seasons.
There should be a theme applied in the whole house. Relationship between the rooms to be maintained in the interior design concept. The rhythm in the materials as well as colors have to be followed during the interior design and processing stage. Bathroom interiors also follow the same rhythm while designing the bedroom and bathroom. Curtains in the windows and the doors can be associated with the theme in the interiors of the bedroom and bathroom.
Kitchen interiors can be odd out while designing the house. Kitchen interior designing has unique qualities and cannot be always matched with the other room themes in the house. Modern kitchens can be decorated with the latest utensils and burners as well as electric items to cook the food. The utensils have to follow the necessity related products and cannot be associated with the other bedroom and bathroom interior designing and decoration concepts.
Acoustics soundproofing products also can be used in the interior designing and decoration of the house. There are modern theme based furniture and wall surfaces as well as fabrics are available in the market to make your house and rooms more peaceful and elegant. custom made soundproofing products also available to make the house more personalize.
For more home interior designing and decoration ideas and tips you please visit with images of the renovated designed with professional interior designers designs.

Interior Designing and Decoration For Residential Interiors and Commercial Interiors

Residential Interior designing and decoration

Interior designing is an art and science as well. The art of Interior designing is way back to hundreds of years, when people started to renovate their home to bring a new look. When the festivals and the rituals make them renovate the house and the places where they have interested in.
Interior design includes materials like furniture and curtains in the room. Tables and windows and doors are even the part of the interior designing. Space management is one of the main issue in the interior designing and decoration as it is should accommodate the decorative materials in a proper manner to make the room or hall fresh and lovable. To loom nice we use colors and paintings.
Living room paintings are different from the bedroom and the bathroom paintings. It is depend upon the place we decide to color the area and in the bedroom we need to paint lighter colors as we spend and relax in the room. Living room interiors are of course should convince all the members of the family and also the friends circle. Consulting with the friends and the family members would enhance the look and the feel of the hall or room.
Drawings and paintings in the wall is more attractive when placed properly. Color selection in the halls that made small for some purposes can be viewed as a big room.  Light colors in the ceiling and the light colored tiles make the room seems like a larger room. Less congested room viewed as a larger room if the materials and the products in the room is designed and  decorated properly.
Bedroom interior designing and decoration should be personalized with the views of the owner and the possible occupants. We are spending more time in a day in the bedrooms. The bedrooms can make the day if we design and decorated properly with right kind of materials and products. Acoustics soundproofing products make the room peaceful and livable. We need peace of course that create a friendly atmosphere in the house.
Bathroom interior designing and decoration depends on the tiles we are going to fix in the bathroom floors and the walls. Tiles can be fixed to smooth the walls and that can be removed to clean the surface easily and quickly to save the time. amenities make the bathroom creates a safe experience in the house. Towels and the shelves are the jewels of the bathroom interior designing.
Kitchen interior designing and construction as well as designing the shelves can be of one of the best things to make the room look elegantly. Exteriors and the Garden also can be designed and decorated properly to make the friends and the relatives circle find themselves happy and comfortable and feel the area as their own home.

Hospitality Industry Soundproofing- Hotels-Restaurants etc

Hospitality Industry Soundproofing

Hospitality Industry Soundproofing is related to the efficient sound management so that the environment is aesthetic, calm, and pleasing for the guests so that they will feel comfortable and relaxed. As hotels are part of hospitality industry, and since the acoustic solutions are similar, the following discussions are limited to hotel industry. It is aimed at minimizing the external noises entering the rooms from other adjoining rooms, corridors and machinery. Also it is important that the acoustic control should be so good that the noise from the restaurants and bars do not disturb the neighbors.  Soundproofing has become so important for a hotel that apart from giving the guests an undisturbed sleep, it also helps to boost the hotel’s image in the very competitive market.

Steps to Improve Acoustics

Among the several issues involving Hospitality Industry Soundproofing, the control of airborne sound and impact sound are important. Talking and music are airborne sounds, while the sound from a bouncing football from the room above is the example of an impact sound.

The soundproofing of the walls between rooms can be improved by using linings of wall panels which are supported with resilient bars on the wall. Sounds may still leak through back boxes of light switch boxes fixed on the wall. This can be eliminated by using acoustic socket boxes to isolate the back boxes.

Acousticians working on Hospitality Industry

Soundproofing have found that artwork and other photographs which are hung on partition walls reduce the effectiveness of soundproofing of walls. To solve this problem the thickness of walls may be increased by adding extra soundproof wall panels. Another way of isolating the sound is increasing air space. Any air gap or hole on the wall must be carefully sealed.

The floor and ceiling surfaces must be covered with impact resistant insulation.

The supports of elevator shafts, walls of masonry shafts, floor pads, and elevator installation mountings may be isolated from the main structure of the building. The vibration and noise originating from the elevator can be particularly disturbing.

There must be proper noise sealants around the door and under between the floor and door. It is better if a drop seal is fitted to the threshold. The corridors must have ceiling tiles which are acoustically absorptive. Acoustic carpets on corridors will also help reduce noise levels.

Other Noise Control Measures

Proper planning of spaces and rooms can help in in Hospitality Industry Soundproofing. Avoid locating sensitive areas close to very noisy areas.

Sources of noises like elevators, laundry machines, and vending machines should be away from guest rooms.

Plumbing pipes should be well insulated from their supports. To reduce plumbing noise, pipes should be insulated with proper soundproofing material and mounted resiliently.

To reduce impact of external noise, windows must be made soundproof.

Hospitality Industry Soundproofing has become a popular concept with the industry in the sense that advertisers are assuring a good night’s sleep in addition to other benefits to attract customers.

Moov Group is one of the best soundproofing company in UAE and the Gulf region. Soundproofing Product supply and Soundproofing Installations are the main functions of the Company.

Industrial And commercial soundproofing to make the world better without noise pollution

Commercial Soundproofing

Commercial soundproofing is used by commercial businesses when required. Schools, restaurants, and health care facilities use architectural acoustics for reducing noise for their customers. Cubicle spaces are made less noisy for workers who use the phone in office buildings. In the US, OSHA has conditions controlling the duration of time workers are exposed to certain levels of noise. There are large open areas in many offices and commercial establishments that reflective noise and echo or reverberation due to conversations office machines and other noise sources can effect. Noise problems such as these can create communication difficulties, and cause headaches, distractions, customer annoyance, and prevent employee productivity. For these kinds of problems commercial soundproofing is necessary.

Due to the reduction in technology cost, noise control technology can be used not only in recording studios and performance facilities but also in small businesses like restaurants which are noise sensitive. Acoustically absorbent materials like wood fiber panels, fiberglass duct liner, and recycled denim jeans serve as canvasses bearing artwork in environments where aesthetics are important. Using a combination of materials absorbing sound, a digital processor, and arrays of speakers and microphones, a tablet computer can be used by a restaurant operator for selectively controlling noise levels in the restaurant at different places.

Benefits of Commercial Soundproofing

Commercial Soundproofing Applications

Acoustic panels are installed in commercial applications such as news rooms to increase speech intelligibility and absorb reflective noise.

Whisper wave baffles can be hung to reduce noise levels in open office areas. They can increase productivity and improve communications.

Acoustical ceiling tiles are used in retail stores for absorbing excessive noise in a way that is visually appealing.

Unwanted noises from gun ranges are absorbed by acoustical panels, both within the range and outside the facility.

In commercial offices Fabric panels offer sound absorption and also aesthetics.

Ceiling tiles and acoustical panels can be used in dealerships to reduce irritating background noise and echo.

Maximum noise reduction and sound control is offered by sound curtains. They use a combination of noise barrier and sound absorption material.

Acoustical Wall Solutions

Choosing acoustical wall solutions can in many ways increase the quality your customer experience. Commercial establishments like concert halls, restaurants and so on mainly aim to make sure that maximum satisfaction is provided to their customers. These spaces are usually large, and in room acoustics an important role is played by walls. For such situations acoustical walls can certainly enable guests to talk privately and comfortably. Acoustical walls are needed for proper sound transmission and effective commercial soundproofing to provide an enjoyable experience to your customers.

Moov Group is one of the best organisation to buy and install quality soundproofing materials and products for various soundproofing requirements. The company imports quality soundproofing products from USA and supply at local competitive rates for our convenience. The acoustical installation services rendered by the company has approved and appreciated by the government and some hundreds of clients in the Gulf countries and India as well as Neighboring African countries and Even in European countries.


Fiber Cement Board Siding to safe guard your walls and secrets

Fibre Cement Board

Fibre cement board is a building material usually used as trim or siding. The design of this material was to provide a product that is able to resist climate extremes and is durable. Fibre cement board needs less maintenance and offers many advantages over siding materials such as wood or vinyl that are traditional.


Fibre cement board is made of sand, cement, and cellulose fibres. They are manufactured in layers for forming sheets of varied thicknesses. A process called auto-calving is used for manufacturing the boards. This uses steam curing of high temperature to form the board and for increasing the stability and strength of the cement and sand. Cracking is prevented with the help of cellulose fibres. To the siding boards’ surface an addition of wood grain pattern is needed before curing the material.

Uses of Fibre cement boards

Made up of cement and glass fibres, there are many uses of a cement board in home construction. Fibre cement boards have gained considerable popularity as a perfect siding material. The reason for this is that they are much more durable than the alternatives like wood siding and vinyl siding and more economical than stone, stucco, and brick.  They can be used as a substrate for tiled walls and as an underlay for flooring.

Design Options of Fibre cement boards

Fibre cement board can be got in various colours. To make it appear similar to traditional siding, like beaded or Dutch lap it is also made in many profiles.

Maintenance of Fibre cement boards

Fibre cement boards are strong. They are designed to withstand under extreme climates where moisture, intense sunlight, or wind is common. This material also has resistance to insects, fire, and rotting. Fibre cement board does not need painting. At the factory, boards can be coloured for suiting your design needs. If you prefer to paint this material, it will be well absorbed, it won’t chip or peel if quality paint is used like steel or painted vinyl does.

Advantages of Fibre cement boards

Fibre cement board does not fade or warp like vinyl. It cannot be penetrated by  birds and insects and can resist ultraviolet rays. Under direct impact it does not bump or dent and in cold temperatures will not become brittle. In historical renovations other cladding materials cannot be used. Fibre cement boards can be used here. Fibre cement boards also reduce maintenance and repair costs due to their long life.

Disadvantages of fibre cement board

It is difficult to work with fibre cement board. A face mask is needed when working with or cutting this material since it has high dust content. Its weight is more than materials like vinyl and if carried flat can break. When carrying or transporting fibre cement boards you should use caution since the corners and edges will easily chip before installation. Like other siding material the fibre cement board sheets sill not hide bumps. Due to this a clean and smooth surface is needed for installing the boards.

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DBA Panels are used as acoustical Ceiling Tiles In Acoustical applications

DBA Panels

DBA Panels are used as acoustical Ceiling Tiles, Wall Panels and in many other acoustic applications. The letters DBA when expanded mean Diffuser Blocking Absorber.  DBA Panels have the unique feature that they diffuse, block, and absorb sound as a single unit. In the case of traditional panels one would require three separate fittings to achieve the same performance as the DBA Panel. They are made from Expanded Polypropylene (P.E.P.P.) Acoustical Bead Board. This material is non-abrasive, semi rigid, and porous. The DBA panels are intended for wall or ceiling applications such as Ceiling Tiles and Acoustical wall Panels in professional grade commercial studios, Home Theaters, Professional Audio Applications, or any type of Acoustical Venue.

Features of DBA Panels

DBA Panels are light in weight and can resist impact loads. Since they can resist moisture, growth of fungi and bacteria is also prevented. They are non-fibrous, have non-abrasive surface, and can be fitted to standard T-bar grid.  DBA panels are made of non-volatile, and are non-fibrous, therefore will not emit toxic material into your space.

Sizes and Fitting

DBA panels are available in thickness of 1″ and 2″and in nominal sizes of 2′ x 4′ and 2′ x 2′. They are available in white and or charcoal (graphite) colors but more shades can be got by painting to match the back ground or decor. DBA panels can be fitted by using standard T-bar grid, acoustical adhesive and mechanical fasteners like tacks and screws.

Other Products where DBA Panels find Application

Clouds and Baffles

Clouds and baffles offer good flexibility of design, good control of acoustics in exceptionally large areas which are also open and also good control over range of frequencies. They are ideal for acoustical problems encountered in auditoriums, concert halls, meeting halls and gymnasiums

Curtains & Sound Blankets

Sound proof curtains and enclosures which are portable are ideal for machinery as well as for indoor work places.Sound blankets block and absorb sound from nearby machinery or outdoor equipment. They are also very effective to be used as a wrapping material for covering structures.

Doors and Windows

The doors and windows are fitted with DBA material so as to satisfy same acoustical requirements as the rest of the room, so that sound cannot pass through to outside spaces. The doors and windows must have good sealing system to seal gaps so that noise is controlled and contained.

Vibration Isolation

The decibel levels of sound from machinery are often beyond permissible limits. DBA products are engineered to control noise and sound transmission. Vibrations create unwanted noise in piping, machinery, and structures. Vibration isolation or dampening can be done with DBA panels and sheets. DBA vibration isolation products will reduce the effect of the vibration and prevent breakdown and damage to equipment and also reduce noise. Flooring DBA Panels are suitable to be used below laminations, ceramic tile, carpet, and wooden floors.

Moov group serving the industry with quality acoustical products to reduce the noise pollution ans sound proofing for several years. Bringing world class soundproofing products to you from USA with your local competitive rates.




Acoustic Panels and boards Five Major reasons to adopt it

Quality is the main decision with regards to acoustical products, for example, acoustic divider boards frameworks and roof divider boards. The item you select, must and principal, ought to meet the quality for which you are paying. In any case, when you plan to have acoustic roof boards, divider sheet frameworks, or other inside acoustic board frameworks, you would dependably think that its difficult to choose the best one as there are numerous suppliers offering acoustic boards in the business sector.

Here are best 5 check show you can take after when you need to purchase boards or divider board frameworks:

  1. Clamor Absorption

Acoustic boards ought to be made to retain commotion accordingly guaranteeing that clamor created inside of your premises is not heard in the neighboring houses or premises. The best boards are the one which can be divider mountable and can be effortlessly moved from one spot to the next as indicated by your need or for accommodation.

  1. Sound Proofing

The divider board framework you pick ought to have amazing sound sealing answers for your home or office being lead sheets and plates. The configuration in present day acoustic is such that they can likewise be introduced on the outside to ingest commotion that originates from outside sources consequently giving the individual a quiet situation within. This is vital for individuals who live beside train stations, development locales, parkways and other commotion creating territories.

  1. Plan

Acoustic board frameworks ought to be wonderfully composed with a scope of completions in this manner each one can get one that mixes in their current divider and there is no requirement for further adjustment subsequent to mounting the board. When you pick acoustic they can also add to the standpoint for the spot where they are mounted. Somebody who is not acquainted with them can’t know the distinction between the board and different beautification in the room.

  1. Cost

The costs of acoustic ought to be pocket-accommodating and ought to be accessible in various sizes to suit singular necessity, with the goal that you can pick the divider board frameworks as per your needs and spending plan. You can check the same with the maker and solicitation them to give however much data about the cost and size as could reasonably be expected so you can pick the best one.

  1. Experience

At long last you will have check and guarantee that maker has embraced a few tasks for various associations and dependably give best results. Check their involvement in making quality sound sealing materials and check whether they have wide and shifted alternatives. Pick the best supplier for anything identified with sound sealing.

Moov Group Acoustical Products and Services for a Peaceful world
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How Acoustical Flooring Benefits Us in Soundproofing?

 Acoustic ground surface and other sound control items are superb to diminishing commotion to give both you and those you live closest to a superior personal satisfaction. Here are 10 reasons why you might need to consider putting resources into acoustic ground surface.

  1. On the off chance that you get a kick out of the chance to play your music on a high volume, you may need more noteworthy sound control with a specific end goal to farthest point what can be heard by your neighbors or individuals passing the property.
  2. Film fans will savor the opportunity that acoustic deck can bring when grasping a full scope of home excitement innovation to make the ideal silver screen involvement in their own particular house or level.
  3. In case you’re an artist who needs to have the capacity to practice in your own particular home without exasperating others, new solid noise control or acoustic protection could be the answer.
  4. While neighbors don’t tend to mind the odd party, particularly on the off chance that you welcome them, consistent social occasions could influence their personal satisfaction in the event that they are going ahead as the night progressed.
  5. Having flooring that decreases the measure of commotion that can be heard through the dividers will furnish you with more noteworthy sound protection in your home.
  6. Numerous new homes will have slim dividers which can create sound disturbances and noise pollution, so in case you’re moving into another property it could be the main home change you handle.
  7. Obviously, new deck could simply be something you need from an appearance perspective. In which case, it could bode well to research the advantages of acoustic ground surface.
  8. in the event that you are responsible for a building another property, you may choose to have the best ground surface introduced to guarantee whoever moves in have the right levels of security.
  9. In the event that you are a business that makes a great deal of commotion, it might be an advantageous venture to abstain from annoying your neighboring organizations with noise pollution.
  10. You could likewise have this write of flooring introduced in the event that you are agonized over aggravating different divisions inside your own particular organization.

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