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Trust me, I have to see myself on television every day so I’m all too familiar with the
Imagine that one day you inexplicably find yourself living in an extremely bad situation. Your house is in shambles, run-down inside and out, the yard choked with weeds. You’ve tried to fix things up, but, frankly, you’ve got more pressing things on your mind, including a young daughter battling cancer, a wedding ring pawned to help pay her medical expenses, and long hours at a grocery store job trying to make ends meet. Then, just as it seems almost too much to bear, you hear a very loud and annoying voice yelling your family’s name through a megaphone. The next thing you know, you and your family are being whisked away for a much-needed weeks’ vacation, while a group of TV people stick around to spruce up your house. “Cool;’ you think, “It’ll be nice to have a room or two redecorated.” Well, not exactly.
That family-featured on the very first episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition-was more than a little surprised to come home to a whole new house, not just a few revamped rooms. Now, of course, people know what to expect when they hear me shouting “Good morning!” outside their door. But that initial makeover was a revelation to everyone involved, including me-and I’m not talking just about the sheer amount of people power that went into the job (though that was pretty amazing, too). While I’d been crafting furniture, designing rooms, and renovating homes for years, until I began my job as team leader on EMHE, I don’t think I realized how much difference having a comfortable, well-designed, and beautiful place to live can make in someone’s life.
Sure, I’ve always been passionate about houses, but the experience of creating warm, inviting sanctuaries for families who really need them has made me a true believer in the power of positive rethinking. If you want to inject light, energy, and optimism into your life, making over your home-or even just a single room interior– is a good place to start. I know for Sure that the instant that first EMHE family walked into their new house, their lives had changed for the better. I don’t think any of us, including all the neighbors and community members who had come out to help us, were quite prepared for how dramatic and emotional that moment would be.