Keeping Sound In Gyms and specialty fitness centers are appearing everywhere

Fitness Acoustics: Keeping Sound In (and Out)

Gyms and specialty fitness centers are appearing everywhere – next to office suites, under apartment complexes, and in strip malls in dense cities. The noise they create, whether from clanking weights, loud music, or dozens of spinning stationary bikes is causing a lot of noise complaints, and even some fitness studios are forced to move into isolated industrial areas. Turning the volume down on the sound system is the most courteous and obvious thing to do, but for making the neighbors happy this solution may not be sufficiently enough. Conversely, quieter spaces like yoga studios may want to keep out noise, whether from the restaurant next door or the street traffic.

Solving Sound Challenges with Soundproofing

How can gyms and fitness studios keep noise in or out? Soundproofing is needed. The goal of soundproofing is isolating the air and structure of the room from the surrounding spaces. Effort is taken in decreasing the sound energy transmission through the building.
The exact noise solution is dependent on the kind of structure, the kind of transmission of sound into the nearby spaces, and also whether the studio is being remodeled, retrofitted, or built from the start. Anyhow, something has to be done by owners in each of the three soundproofing categories:

Increasing airborne sound isolation

All the air leaks need to be sealed in the ceilings, walls, and floor, like those around electrical boxes, doors, light fixtures, and heating and cooling vents.
Increasing structural sound isolation – This can be done by decoupling and damping ceiling, wall, and floor assemblies with stud isolator or resilient channel, using underlays beneath the floor, and Elasto-metric sheet rock glue.
Increasing structural mass – Ceilings, walls, and floors must be given denser framing and addition of layers of sheet rock.

Sound Blocking Solutions

If an owner is on the lookout for an easy fix for blocking out sound without needing to do any major remodeling, there are some different options:
Door Seal Kit – An excellent addition to solid core doors, these surface-mounted adjustable seals are easy to install, inexpensive, and have a big impact on reduction of noise.
AcoustiBlox Quiet Mat – This is a vibration-reduction pad of heavy-duty that’s cost-effective and easy to use. It can serve as a finished floor surface covering a fitness studio or an entire gym, it is great to use this mat under machines – and its textured surface helps prevent unwanted movement or slipping.
Duct V-Max – Since ducts carry too much vibration, this light in weight vibration damper for duct work lessen rattling noises in air ducts.
It’s important for both landlords and tenants to understand that, even though they can lessen noise in studios and gyms, no level of soundproofing could practically ever lessen the vibrations and sounds of 600 lb. tractor-tire flips falling onto the floor. However, there are many ways to start creating a more pleasant environment for both gym customers and neighbors.
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