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Sound insulation testing happens to be a critical job and to be qualified to do it you must get the accreditation from the authorized agency. When you carry out the testing you must prepare reports and submit it to the officer in-charge of building control. In some parts of the world, it is required that sound insulation testing must be done for all refurbishing as well as new constructions of buildings having two adjoining dwellings with separating walls or floors. To ensure that your project is executed smoothly, as per your plan, you must have the sound insulation testing carried out fulfilling all the laid down norms.

What is sound insulation

Sound insulation testing for sound is generally carried out so that you make certain that the building is really within the acceptable impact as well as airborne levels of sound insulation as specified building regulations. In order to ensure that the building complies with the law, you must carry out pr-complete testing.

Things to be tested

It is recommended that you do the testing sufficiently early to make sure that you pass. The floors and walls that separate the dwellings are tested to determine their quality. This will depend upon the type and number of dwellings as well as method of construction used for the partitions.

Where the design of the dividing partition is very similar and the number of dwellings is below 10, then the sound test will consist of:

2 floor impact tests

2 wall airborne tests and

2 floor airborne tests

The number of sound insulation tests can be reduced or increased. It will depend on the number and type of the residences under consideration. If you are considering some attached houses having identical design for example, you need only one set of the tests that consists of the wall airborne tests.

When a building is considered fit for testing?

Before taking up sound testing make certain that the building is completed so that the best performance is ensured. The criterion that is followed to ensure your passing the sound test are:

  • Ventilation systems installed and properly closed
  • External doors as well as windows are fitted, closed and also glazed.
  • The electrical sockets, switches, and skirting boards fitted
  • The ceilings, the walls and the floors completed
  • Stop noisy operations around when the property is being tested.
  • Ensure accessibility to either side of the partition when they are going through testing.
  • Don’t allow any tradesmen working inside the house when the tests start.
  • Ensure cleanliness of the rooms and their vacancy when testing starts.
  • While testing for the impact sound, do not have any extra surface on flooring.
  • Provide 240 V / 50 Hz power in the house.

Having a dwelling that complies with all the specified criteria is very critical. It will help you to get the building protected and approved sound insulation testing is a key factor of building.

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