wall painting ideas by best interior designers


Living room interior design is an important factor for a better living as the best interior designers say. Living room is one of the public spaces in your home; it means where you invite your beautiful guest and where you express your taught. Whether you feel something more relaxing after you complete your work or when we come back to your home and speaking with your loved one as the best interior designers say .

As the best interior designers say Living room interior design have lots of attributes, in the main thing is selecting of colours for walls, patterns, paintings. We have lots of colours and hundreds of shades to chosen.


Green, Grey, Blue, Beige, Black, the interior designers choice


               Green colour gives the feel of renewal and feel of harmony it is the right choice as the best interior designers say . It is echo of natural world. If you don’t have a space for house plants, it will be replacing of that feeling. It can be fresh and suitable. While you think the time go’s boring, the green colour of wall gives mint refreshing.


               The second choice of interior designers is Grey colour, itgives the feel more spacious, Elegant and serene. It is a modernized colour. Grey colour walls provide a nice backdrop and feel artistry. It looks more sophisticated for living room only.


               Blue colour has a calm feeling to your home as suggested by interior designers. It is the favourite colours for actually boys. If living room interiors are like hardwood floors, blue is a perfect and stylish choice.


               Beige color is neutral color for living room interior design as the interior designers beleive. This beige color is essentially for who loves minimalist interior design and it gives stunning, classy effect.


               Black color for living room is makes feeling great and dramatic color but indian interior designers don’t suggest it as it is not religious. This color wall gives the glare of sun light and is one of the royal colors for classic interior design.


                Living room is the heart of our home. You would select the perfect designs and paintings. If we love the bold shade of colors, then you should go with accent wall for painting ideas. The best accent wall tells architectural features and artwork. This accent walls are great way to tie with several colors. We have to classify the 2 types of art for interior decorating.

                Visual art: This is sentiment and imagination art. This is suitable for Modern and Minimalist interior design. Example: Drawings, Photography.

                Applied art: This is the part of visual art. It is based on real-world. This is for Classic and Traditional interior design. Example: Wood crafts, Interior design, Architecture.

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