Interior Designing Wood Usage In Living Room


In Living room interior design, we have some commonly used things.  So those things has to harmonious, pleasant and fit in that area.

Sometime traditional features aren’t suitable for living room interior designs. So we have to choose a things is very careful and clarity. Today we are going to discuss about woods and furniture material for living room interior design.

Wood Choice For Living Room Wooden Flooring

Living room is the prominent space in our home. That’s the reason we invest for high quality wood materials. If it may be floor or furniture, wood is the best choice for living room interior design. In hardwood we have some complex structure, when it is compared to softwood. At the same time hardwoods are more expensive then softwood, But both are having some special features individually.

Type of wood for Interior Designing:

Hard wood

Soft wood


                In this hardwood, we are going to discuss about some commonly and popularly used woods in living room wooden flooring. There are the first one is Maple wood – its looks like from creamy white and light of reddish brown. Then maple wood flooring is suitable for domestic and commercial interiors, mainly used for high-end furniture making. The second one is Birch wood – this is also suitable for domestic and small commercial projects. The color of this wood is reddish brown and shock resistant.

The third one is Oak wood – in this we have two types of oak wood there are White oak and Red Oak. White oak is brown color, commonly used for living room wooden flooring, but grains is resemble to red oak. It is harder and durable, resistant to insect. The fourth one is Walnut wood – It is sumptuous wood species and have to use for floor with are without stains. The final one is Bamboo wood – It is one of the very natural wood and having some medical attributes behind that. And it is stable wood material.


                This soft wood is less expensive and less durable, when it is compared to hard wood. This is not suitable for some high traffic areas, room heavy materials like furniture, kitchens where we have a constant traffic, dining rooms.

                So in this we have only two types of wood and this is commonly used for flooring. The first one is Pine wood– nature of this color is yellowish brown and it has a lot of swirls and knots. It is naturally insect resistance. This pine wood is considered as fast growing tree. The second one is Fir wood – nature of color is yellowish tan color. It can dent easily and not commonly used for flooring, but it can only use for walls and furniture