Productivity Improvement in Commercial Spaces by Soundproofing Materials

Productivity Improvement in Commercial Spaces by Soundproofing Materials

Improvement of productivity in commercial spaces by soundproofing materials is important not only to increase the output and profit of the company but also for several other reasons including employee health. Today the trend in many offices and commercial establishments is to have open work areas without partition walls in between. Employees are exposed to distraction sounds like conversations, and reflective noises from machines like echo or reverberation and other noises. Apart from causing distractions these noise problems make communications difficult. More important, high noise levels affect employee productivity, headaches, and customer dissatisfaction. Employers must realize that these problems can be overcome by commercial noise control methods when such problems arise.

Methods of Acoustic Treatments

Installing acoustic panels in commercial offices similar to news rooms will improve speech clarity and also will absorb any reflective noise. Open offices can install whisper wave baffles to bring down noise levels. Office communication and productivity will be improved. Retail stores can use acoustical ceiling tiles to control high noises. The ceilings will look very attractive also. Another method for productivity improvement in commercial spaces by soundproofing materials is the use of fabric panels that provide good sound absorption as well as aesthetics. Irritating echo and back ground noises are also problems in case of retail business establishments. Here acoustical panels and ceiling tiles can be used to reduce the noises. Sound curtains provide maximum sound control and noise reduction. The materials used in this case are sound absorptive and noise barrier types used as a combination.

Benefits of Installing Acoustical Products in a Commercial Space

Steps taken for productivity improvement in commercial spaces by soundproofing materials as above will result not only in many benefits to the employer as well as the employees but also to increased satisfaction of the customers. For the employees and customers the new atmosphere with soundproofing will reduce stress. In the resulting quiet and relaxing environment the communication between personnel become more effective. There is clear improvement in the intelligibility of the words spoken. The improvement of the health of the employees and the stress-free environment lead to better productivity.
There is no doubt that the health of the employees and that of their families are most important for better productivity. Every responsible employer should recognize this priority. Only a healthy, satisfied and happy workforce can contribute to a successful business with high productivity in the long run. A large percentage of business running costs, is towards employee salary and other costs and benefits. This being the case even a small improvement in the health of the employee and resultant productivity can boost the financial savings and productivity of the organization. Productivity improvement in commercial spaces by soundproofing materials is possible with better management of all aspects mentioned above.

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Office Space Acoustical soundproofing – How to Improve the Productivity of Staff

Office Space Acoustical soundproofing – How to Improve the Productivity of Staff

An important factor in the advancement and success of a company is a comfortable noiseless office space. In their workplace, per week employees mostly spend up to 40 hours WITHOUT NOISE POLLUTION. It is needed to retain a level of productivity that is high and to provide space where people can feel free to use.

Some Ideas to Consider on soundproofing

• Companies like Google, Disney, and Apple use cleaning services. They have a belief that the spirits of employees are lifted by a clean office and workers are encouraged to be organized inside their personal work space. It is found from studies that stress is decreased when an office is organized.
• Most of the time of people is spent at the office. Productivity can be improved by interior designing and decorating your office space.
• The shade of the interior wall can add a specific vibe to the atmosphere and motivate vitality. Remember that blue and green bring out a cool and quiet effect and rouse “rest”.
Proper storage should be provided for everything. Efficiency will become less in a cluttered area and is not as much productive. More time will be spent by a worker in trying to locate documents. Adding filers, cabinets, and shelves can lessen clutter.
• It is needed to lighten your office. Work cannot be done lacking proper light. Class can be added to your office using decorative lights.
Plants help in concentration, boost staff well being, and increase productivity by 47% at work according to research done by scientists. Plants are very effective at removing contaminants.

Office Interior Solutions

The format of your office and the use of office space can influence the productivity of staff. Ask yourself the following questions:
• Is there sufficient space for moving between the desk and other areas?
• Are your working areas and office organized and clean?
• Are softened acoustics provided by the office for allowing good concentration?
• For improving alertness is there sufficient airflow?

Employees are one of the Biggest Assets

An absence of individual space adds to stress among staff. In crowded offices, an absence of office space is the main aspect for stress. By working in teams, a few people are more productive than working individually. Every individual ought to have adequate office space that permits him or her to become focused, organized, and valuable. It is an asset to have a productive laborer.

Plants, lighting, wall colors, lighting, and furniture all play a crucial role in the aesthetics of your office space. In any case, the employee is the main individual who can decide the correct aesthetic direction for his or her work space. Permit the worker to customize his or her office space. Workers who are happy are productive.

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Psychologist Office Sound Problem solved with acoustical products

Psychologist Office Sound Problem

Unfortunately the problem of sound transmission is very common. In the office of a psychologist, patient privacy and confidentiality is very important. There are some cost effective soundproofing products which will help in controlling noise that are discussed here.

Sound Barrier Decouple

The design of barrier decouple is to be a simple noise blocker. The product weighs 1LB per square foot, 3/8″ thick, and is available in in two different roll sizes – 54″ × 3′ (135 square feet) and 54″ × 20′ (90 square feet). It can be cut easily with a razor blade or a sharp scissors and just placed at the rear of the existing ceiling tiles. To the ceiling considerable amount of weight is added due to this. So if your tiles are 2′ x 4′ tiles, across the center of the tile adding a T-bar cross beam is recommended so that the added weight does not cause the existing tile to bend. The STC rating of the barrier decouple is 26, meaning that an average of 26 DBA is stopped from passing through it.

The product is comprised of a 1/8″ mass loaded vinyl noise barrier stuck to a ¼″ polyurethane foam decouple which holds the vinyl away from the ceiling tiles and T-bar grid. The same amount of sound will be blocked by the 3/8″ thick, 1 lb per square foot product as a 2×4 wall having sheet rock on either side, just because of the density and mass that is introduced by it between the two spaces.

Door Seal Kit

It is a good idea to use door seal kits for stopping sound. The kits are a retro-fit product designed for installing onto the door and also the door jamb. For making the seal they provide a neoprene gasket. The jamb seal is fitted to the door frame and the door bottom is fitted with a spring loaded mechanism that seals the gap between the door bottom and the floor when the door is closed. There are two different kits, Standard Kit (1/2″ thick) and Heavy Duty kit (7/8″ thick). The installation of standard kit is usually onto a hollow-core door, and the heavy duty kit usually is installed onto a solid core door. The difference is made by the amount of gasket making the seal.

White Noise Machine

The white noise machine must be put in the room where the listeners are there and not in the room which is the source of the noise. The ambient noise level in the room is raised by the white noise machine so that it is hard to hear sound coming from other areas. It makes sound similar to small space heater or a small fan running – kind of a hum or a whir, or both combined. The space covered by each machine is no larger than 12″ × 12″.

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Interior designing and decoration Quality Audio Systems for Home Theater Interiors

Quality Audio Systems for Home Theater Interior designing and decoration

Setting up quality audio systems for home theater interiors is not very expensive or complicated. If your TV has a small screen and speakers of inferior quality it’s time to upgrade. Any interior designing home theater setup has some basic components. It will have an awesome TV, multiple devices, and great speakers working in harmony together. Any home theater will need a Blu-ray player, game console, or a cable box, HDTV, Receiver, Speakers, Soundbar (optional), and Cables, Labels, and Power.

Components for Quality Audio Systems for Home Theater

HDTV: The latest TV’s are very thin and light, can be moved around easily if needed, have smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity to your other devices, built-in internet streaming, your favorite programs reminders, or big events, and more.
Receiver: All the audio and video for your system will be handled by the receiver. Your streaming set-top boxes, consoles, and other inputs (or many of them) have to be plugged in to the receiver. Audio to your speakers and video to your television will be sent by the receiver.
Speakers: The greatest advantage of quality audio systems for home theater set up is that you can completely control the audio. Buying a decent pair of speakers that is suitable for your space will significantly improve the sound of everything you watch. Great speakers are available at all sizes and price points. There is no need to worry that your space is small or budget is tight and so you can’t enjoy great sound. A surround sound system that is traditional has five speakers at least and a powered sub-woofer.

There are many options for speaker selection such as center channel speaker, floor-standing speakers, powered sub-woofers, in-ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers, custom flat-panel speakers, and bookshelf speakers. The right placement of speakers can greatly improve your audio quality. Ideally your right and left front speakers must be at the same distance and angle from where you sit. The position of your rear surround speakers must be in a similar way.
Cables, Labels, and Power: All your devices will need spare, new, and longer cable. It applies to component video, HDMI, Ethernet cable, composite video, or plain old speaker cable.
Soundbar (optional): If you want to save space and add excellent sound to your home theater at an affordable price, consider a soundbar. A receiver is not needed for most modern soundbars since they are powered and amplified. All your devices will be connected to your TV and sound from your TV will be outputted to the soundbar. Depending on what soundbar you buy high quality audio systems for home theater can be got in a package that is very less compared to the size and cost of surround systems.

Interior designing and decoration Quick Guide to Sound Isolation and Noise Control with acoustic products

Quick Guide to Sound Isolation and Noise Control

Acoustic treatment of any space will always face the situation wherein you have to find a solution for stopping noise from passing through a wall. And the typical solution involves sealing of leakage of noise through gaps between doors and floor, windows and ceiling joints as well as vibrating structures transmitting sound waves across solid material.

Sound Isolation and Noise Control

Noise leaks can pass through air or through structure. And in contrast with popular belief more sound leaks through structures faster because sound passes through solids than through air. Therefore we have two methods for solving the problem of sound reduction, by building alternate layers of space and mass. While space restricts the travel of structural noise, mass suppresses the noise. So the fundamental principle of isolation of sound involves creating a wall of mass, air gaps, and more walls thereby lessening noise transmission. This may look simple only theoretically; but if you go in detail through the matter, it will take up a significant amount of ground work and time before we can identify the exact points of sound leakage of sound and problem spots. And if you have to accomplish it with an existing structure and walls, it is going to be very difficult because it makes it necessary to have made-to-order sound proof rooms, walls and windows.

Environmental Issues noise pollution

In case you are planning to build a sound isolation room or booth it must be kept in mind you may have to deal with environmental problems. Avoid building your structures close to areas of heavy traffic or railway tracks. Sound vibrations from heavy vehicles and cars can be transmitted through walls, and hence there must be an action plan ready for meeting any eventual short comings. Every individual situation has its own typical solution. So it is important that you discuss the possible options with a sound specialist who has experience in solving sound isolation problems.

Treating Doors and Windows

Also, it is to be remembered that windows and doors are important in soundproofing. The problem of sound leaking through gaps in doors and windows is quite serious. So windows and doors must be treated with sound proof seal. It is recommended that noise lock doors and windows may be installed. Multiple glazed windows, with laminated glass will help to lessen noise considerably. They are priced competitively when compared normal glass. They are safe too. Special sound lock doors which are cored and sealed like bank vault are recommended.
After attending to all the details of walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows you must ensure that your electrical requirements like lighting in interior designing and decoration are estimated. Particular attention is to be paid to wiring to avoid any unnecessary interference to noise control work. Once you have considered all the possible problems and discussed your plans with interior designing sound specialists, you can proceed with your next step, that sound proofing of your room or business.

Office interior designing and decoration Raised Access Floors for convenience

Office Raised Access Floors for convenience

Raised floors also known as raised access floors in interior designing and decoration comprises of an elevated load bearing structural floor panel unit supported by vertical pedestal which is adjustable. The height of the floor can be up to 4 feet and the space between the floor panel and the original floor is used as a concealed chamber for housing and distribution of electrical and mechanical services. Such elevated floors are very commonly used as command centers, computer rooms, IT data centers, and in many modern offices where there is a need to route supply lines like cables and wiring for data, telecom and electrical supply. The height of the flooring can be such that maintenance staff can comfortably walk or crawl beneath for attending to breakdown or other related work. Lighting points are provided where required. The floor panels are easily removable to gain access to the floor below.

Parts of a Raised Access Floor System

Floor panel of raised access floors are usually of size 24″x 24″. They are made from steel-covered particle board or a steel panel having cement internal core, or simply hollow. Panels are covered with carpet tiles, marble, high-pressure laminates, and stone. Computer rooms and laboratories can have tiles with artistic finishes. To save money, panels with cement top are used in offices, lobbies, hallways, casinos and museums.
Pedestal is the adjustable vertical structure that supports the floor panels. They are fixed to the floor below using some adhesive or mechanically bolted. The height of the pedestal assembly is adjustable by about 1½” to allow for deviations in the sub floor so that the raised floor can be made level. The pedestal has a grid head to facilitate panel fixing.
Stringer connects the pedestals of raised access floors together horizontally and provides the lateral support needed for rigidity when the structure height is to be increased.
Where is a Raised Access Floor Used?
Raised access floors in interior designing and decoration have become a common feature today in many organizations where there is need for raised levels on account of their activities. Examples include: financial and insurance offices, call centers, data processing centers, large computer room setups where voluminous processing of electronic data is done, e.g. financial information, customer information, and telecom exchanges. Raised flooring is also installed in schools, universities, libraries and major archive areas. Retail facilities like department stores have started increasingly using raised floors coated with special finishes.
Benefits of Using Raised Access Floors
Raised access floors have the following benefits: You can easily access the service points of power, telecom, and data services. This is important for modern buildings having large volume of these services. The underfloor space serves as a large passage for HVAC systems. When there is need for frequent changeover of offices to new occupants the layout needs a churn and that would mean redirection of services. Raised access floors provide easy access to the services necessary for maintenance, upgrading, rerouting etc.

Interior designing and decoration Recording Studio Construction with soundproofing

Recording Studio Construction
Recording studio construction refers to the construction and design of a sound recording studio interior which is a facility for sound mixing and also sound recording. An acoustic man specially designs both the monitoring and recording spaces for achieving optimum acoustic properties. The use of recording studios is to record voice-over artists for dialogue or advertisements replacement in film, musicians, foley, animation or television, or to record musical soundtracks accompanying them. A standard recording studio construction is made of a room known as “studio” where vocalists and instrumentalists perform and the “control room” where producers and sound engineers operate either computers or professional sound mixing consoles. Usually there are smaller rooms for isolating loud instruments like electric guitar or drums from being picked up by the microphones that capture sounds from instruments recording quieter music.

Construction Guidelines

The recording studio construction is according to the principles of room acoustics so that the spaces created have the acoustical properties needed for recording sound with accuracy and precision. This consists of both room treatment (by the usage of diffusion and absorption materials on the room’s surfaces, and also the physical dimensions of the room itself are considered so that the room responds to sound in a desired way) and soundproofing for preventing sound from leaving the room. Double-layer walls are used to soundproof all rooms with insulation and dead space in-between the two walls.

Design of Studio Rooms

An important acoustic feature is the room size. There will be an influence of the ratio length x width x height irrespective of what the room contains. It is not recommended to have equal dimensions. There is a need for control rooms to be symmetrical but studios need not be so. Control rooms have to be accurate and predictable. Studios have to just sound good. The acoustics of control rooms need shorter reverb times. It is usually desired to have longer reverb in the “live” room. The sound effect should be same throughout the control room. It is not needed for the ceiling to have any shape or angles. There are always exceptions. Tall ceilings may benefit in large performance rooms but the angle should not go below 12 feet anywhere in the recording studio construction.
Lighting is an important aspect. Three defined tasks must be served by lighting in recording studio construction as given below:
Full lighting should be available for cleaning and set-up.
Work lighting should be available during working hours. There will be a variation in lighting for different times of the day. Similarly it varies during video screening, different simultaneous tasks such as performing, engineering, and producing.
Mood lighting is used for a creative atmosphere in the recording studio construction.

Acoustical Interior designing and decoration Reducing Noise and Getting Peace of Mind with Acoustic Doors

Reducing Noise and Getting Peace of Mind with Acoustic Doors

In certain instances you long for quiet and peace. For example, for maintaining concentration and focus, if preparing for an exam, you will require a quiet place; if you try recording a song, it will not have great quality if the background noise is high. To study, you can either go to a quiet place or a library to have the needed quiet and peace. A dedicated soundproof room is needed for song recording, fitted with soundproof walls and doors. Customized steel enforced acoustic doors can control industrial noise and protect employees. Sliding and hinged soundproof doors of good quality are necessary for reducing noise and containing fire.


Soundproofing a room for any purpose you can have in mind calls for set up of noise decreasing materials much like panels and acoustic doors. An acoustic door or panel is essentially made from sound absorbent material and is designed to reduce the noise within a room. These kinds of panels and doors are available in all sorts of sizes and shapes, and are used for an entire lot of purposes. Acoustic doors are mainly used in places wherein humans need to undertake their days of work peacefully and quietly. In addition, it’s been observed that noise pollution can directly have an effect on our stress levels, as per scientific studies.

Keeping it in mind, people around the world can make a tremendous effort to not only offer a quiet place wherein they can work peacefully, but also to make a conscious attempt to avoid the outcomes of noise pollution through soundproofing. People install windows, acoustic doors, walls, at home or in their places of work; also there are mobile acoustic panels which can be used and easily transported for those who are operating on the go. Also there are engineering noise control measures that experts can implement to lessen undesirable decibel levels.

Reducing Decibel Levels

Presently there are companies specializing in soundproofing both industrial establishments and homes. This is accomplished using a collection of tools, processes, and products all equipped for reducing the decibel levels where soundproofing is required. The process used for soundproofing a place is somewhat straight forward: experts go to the site and a noise assessment is conducted to find out the noise is coming from where; if the noise is more than the safe permissible limit, they undertake building a customized door for acoustically reducing the noise.

If you want to decrease the high decibel levels at work or home, you can approach these experts. They are equipped and trained to soundproof your office or home so that you won’t need to tolerate the bad effects of noise pollution. With noise reduction techniques and products, you can have peace guaranteed.

Acoustic Wall Panels Relieve Stress In Workplace

Relieve Stress In The Workplace With Acoustic Wall Panels

For individuals or organizations looking for improving and controlling noise in the environment, there are many ways in which soundproofing is beneficial. For years, travelling sound and sound have been studied; however the link between aggression, stress, anger, and noise in the workplace is being understood now only. Sound is energy and the effects can be positive or negative on the human nervous system.

Are you presently trying to find ways wherein to improve your environment, your office or some other noisy place, by means of decreasing the noise you can improve the quality of the environment. In the work area employees are the human capital which contributes to the development and success of a company to very much extent. No longer do the companies see them as the only factors of manufacturing from the classical point of view, however have begun to value them as stakeholders and partners with whom long-period goals can be achieved together.

Effects of Noise

Keeping that in mind many companies are looking for approaches wherein to lower stress among their employees which in return will create surroundings that the employee can be successful. One problem location in the workplace is noise; noise levels can create strain, increase accident rates in the workplace, and induce aggression and other behaviors that are anti-social; this relies upon the noise and the level. Problems can be created by echoes since they are a consequence of the original noise or sound. This can cause stress in a work environment without knowing wherein the stress is coming from. Due to stress many physical problems have been caused like severe complications among personnel. Areas with tough surfaces could be functional, however when people are introduced and their activities the noise that results in is controlled with the aid of the walls and the condition that results in is referred to as reverberation. There are absorptive qualities in all construction materials, many like concrete; steel and glass have low absorption. There is reflection of noise energy easily from these materials within an enclosed space for producing an effect of echo or reverberation.


A “floating fabric” design should be used for the aesthetically appeal since our tastes change as time moves on and we want to occasionally change the feel and look of a space. The ACOUSTICAL fabric can be changed any time you want with a “floating fabric” design. You can change the fabric for any occasion if you want. It would be nice if it is possible to change the major design in a room with less effort.

Acoustic wall panels can be easily used by everyone who makes a decision to use them. The acoustic panels looks good and the quality of sound in the area will improve well. This can be used in offices where there can be a lot of distractions.

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Acoustical Operable Walls in Interior designing and decoration


Organic Cotton Apparels
Few of the benefits of organic cotton apparels include well-being of farmers and consumers, conservation of environment, and savings in cost for farmers. In the organic cotton industry there has been a growth in the past few years due to these benefits. There has been an increase in parents buying organic cotton baby clothes. This includes organic cotton baby blankets and organic cotton diapers. Both old and young consumers, and also men and women are switching to organic cotton pyjama, organic cotton jeans, organic cotton t-shirts, organic cotton shirts, organic cotton bedding, organic cotton towels, organic cotton pillows, organic cotton mattresses, organic cotton sheets, organic cotton blankets and many more.
Benefits to the Consumer
Those manufacturing organic cotton aggressively advertise that wearing organic cotton apparels are better, particularly for babies. Many parents and consumers also have the same opinion. It is excellent to use organic cotton for the tender skin of a baby. There is a belief that compared to conventional cotton clothing, organic cotton clothing is softer.
Also, since chemicals are not used for producing organic cotton, the allergies caused by it are lesser. Organic cotton apparels have a pleasant smell and also reduce respiratory problems. It has to be noted that the beliefs that organic cotton have these benefits are perceived, and for backing them up there is no strong scientific proof.
Environmental Benefits of Organic Cotton
It might be surprising to know that for protecting conventional cotton it needs almost 10% of the pesticides and 25% of the insecticides used throughout the world, although only 3% of the total cultivated area is used for growing it. Over the years, numerous pests and diseases have destroyed cotton crops. This includes ascochvta blight, bacterial blight, leaf spot, southern blight, white fly, boll worm, crown gall, white fly, and many more. In the list of crops that are most heavily fertilized it ranks fourth.
Lot of environmental pollution is created in the production of conventional cotton due to the use of chemicals excessively. Organic means are used for growing organic cotton without using pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and insecticides. This helps to prevent water contamination, improve the quality of the land, and conserve biodiversity.
Improved Health for Farmers
Like producing conventional coffee, producing conventional cotton also leads to poisoning. This causes varied health problems for cotton farmers. The problem of pesticides and insecticides causing poisoning is so severe that in developing countries poor farmers in thousands end up losing their lives. It ensures better health for farmers and their families.

Cost Savings for Organic Cotton Farmers
Growing organic cotton is cheaper than growing Bt cotton, since Bt cotton is more susceptible to pest attacks.
The above mentioned benefits of organic cotton apparels make it an obvious choice.