Interior Designing and Decoration For Residential Interiors and Commercial Interiors

Residential Interior designing and decoration

Interior designing is an art and science as well. The art of Interior designing is way back to hundreds of years, when people started to renovate their home to bring a new look. When the festivals and the rituals make them renovate the house and the places where they have interested in.

Interior design includes materials like furniture and curtains in the room. Tables and windows and doors are even the part of the interior designing. Space management is one of the main issue in the interior designing and decoration as it is should accommodate the decorative materials in a proper manner to make the room or hall fresh and lovable. To loom nice we use colors and paintings.

Living room paintings are different from the bedroom and the bathroom paintings. It is depend upon the place we decide to color the area and in the bedroom we need to paint lighter colors as we spend and relax in the room. Living room interiors are of course should convince all the members of the family and also the friends circle. Consulting with the friends and the family members would enhance the look and the feel of the hall or room.

Drawings and paintings in the wall is more attractive when placed properly. Color selection in the halls that made small for some purposes can be viewed as a big room.  Light colors in the ceiling and the light colored tiles make the room seems like a larger room. Less congested room viewed as a larger room if the materials and the products in the room is designed and  decorated properly.

Bedroom interior designing and decoration should be personalized with the views of the owner and the possible occupants. We are spending more time in a day in the bedrooms. The bedrooms can make the day if we design and decorated properly with right kind of materials and products. Acoustics soundproofing products make the room peaceful and livable. We need peace of course that create a friendly atmosphere in the house.

Bathroom interior designing and decoration depends on the tiles we are going to fix in the bathroom floors and the walls. Tiles can be fixed to smooth the walls and that can be removed to clean the surface easily and quickly to save the time. amenities make the bathroom creates a safe experience in the house. Towels and the shelves are the jewels of the bathroom interior designing.

Kitchen interior designing and construction as well as designing the shelves can be of one of the best things to make the room look elegantly. Exteriors and the Garden also can be designed and decorated properly to make the friends and the relatives circle find themselves happy and comfortable and feel the area as their own home.

How to learn and discover interior designing and decoration?

How to minimize the costs of tools? Interiors at home, primarily considers some money saving ideas, while spending on Interior designing and decoration. Tools for the interior designing,sometimes cost more than the other interior products. Some tips on saving on tools given below.

TRADE. If you never use your router, find a friend or family member willing to trade you a tool you really need, such as a drill.   RENT. Some tools are costly to buy, yet you need them to achieve professional results or to get the work done in a reasonable amount of time. If you know you’ll use a tool very infrequently, such as a floor sander rent it instead of buying.   
LEARN A NEW SKILL. If you enjoy handiwork and you want a workshop that’s equipped to the nines, consider teaching yourself a new skill. Hire out your newly acquired talents and tools on weekends to earn dollars for your own room makeovers. Buy a high- quality diamond-tipped saw, for example; then cut marble and other rock-hard materials and tiles and install floors and countertops for some extra cash. You can also hire out skills/tools that you already have and then use the dollars to buy the new tools that you need.
Use this collection of insider’s secrets inspired by the show to create high style without spending a bundle. Use items you already have on hand or treasures from flea markets or garage sales.  SALVAGE. Visit architectural salvage yards to find special features that will dress up your room, such as moldings, fireplace surrounds, columns, windows, doors, brackets, cabinets, hardware, sinks, and stair railings. Call demolition companies to find out if they are scheduled to tear down any old houses. They may let you into the house to rescue features for bargain prices. Also, keep an eye out for neighbors who are remodeling. They may have architectural pieces that they are willing to give away. Watch the curbs on garbage day-some people throwaway usable materials.  
MAP IT OUT. Maps, both old and new, provide inexpensive decorating material. Photocopy maps from an early 22 geography book and tack the copies to the walls for an interesting background. (You may be able to use wallpaper paste to secure maps to walls. Test a spot first to see if the paste smears the image.) Hang an antique school map as a window shade (or have a copy store photocopy a map onto canvas). Wrap each end of the map (or canvas photocopy) around a wooden dowel. Set the top wooden dowel inside roller-shade brackets mounted inside the window frame.   
 Less-than-perfect cabinets take on new character when you repaint and reface the doors with framed art, such as botanical prints, family photos, or pages torn from an old calendar. Drill pilot holes through the frames and into the doors; then secure the frames to the doors with drywall screws. If you grow weary of the image in the frame, undo the screws and substitute a new photo or print.  
TEATIME. Flea markets, garage sales, and even Grandma’s attic are great places to find beautiful vintage tea towels, napkins, and aprons for only a few dollars each. Showcase your finds by stitching them into decorative pillows.  
LADDER DISPLAY. Use a pair of painted wooden brackets to hang a vintage ladder horizontally on the wall. Drape the ladder legs with antique quilts or vintage linens or install hooks for hanging teacups or other collectibles. for the bathroom Throughout this book, the “10 Must-Haves” list the most-needed, most-wanted features in various rooms. Use these lists to help you choose the elements you want. Following are the top 10 features an ideal bath would offer:
 The perfect color scheme. A flattering and soothing or cheerful color scheme helps you start the day out right. 1. Counter space. Dual vanities are all the rage, so work them in if at all possible. If your bath won’t accommodate two vanities, consider adding a second vanity in the bedroom. 1. Storage. Maximize the storage you have with organizational tools, such as wire bins and divider trays. If possible add open helves and more cupboards. Update cabinet exteriors with new paint or stain and new hardware and moldings.
Mirrors. The bath is the only room designed for primping, and mirrors enhance the opportunity. Purchase large mirrors that fit your budget and style; they’ll make this small room feel larger. 1. Task lighting. Good task lighting helps keep you out of the shadows. You’ll look better and you’ll see better for everyday routines such as shaving or brushing your teeth.
 Sunlight. Natural light is the best light for primping. Take advantage of the sunlight the room already enjoys by using strategically placed window treatments and mirrors. 1. Privacy. Choose window treatments that will protect your right to privacy. 1. Extra outlets. Hair dryers, electric razors, curling irons, and rollers all need to be plugged in, and occasionally, you want them all plugged in at once. 1. Fluffy towels and enough bars or hooks to hang them on.
Being able to use as many big, fluffy towels as you want is a luxury you owe yourself. If you install enough towel bars or hooks, your housemates and guests might actually consider using them. 10. Candles. These wax wonders are great to have on hand when you want to indulge in a luxurious soak.  
Media FILE. Filing cabinets are a necessary evil, and usually these metal monsters aren’t pretty. Place same-size cabinets side by side and conceal them with a slipcover. (Watch for affordable fabric remnants or vintage tablecloths at flea markets, garage sales, and auctions.) Position the covered cabinets beside your desk to serve as an additional surface for office-related items as well as for books and treasures on display.


If you don’t sew, join the seams of the slipcover with iron-on fusible hem tape. Or avoid the task of making hems entirely by using tablecloths instead. Drape the tops of the cabinets with a suitably sized tablecloth; then add a second tablecloth (folded in half lengthwise) as a skirt. Use adhesive-backed hook-and-Ioop tape to secure the skirt around the tops of the filing cabinets.  
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