How to reduce noise from Loud commercials in TV with soundproofing products and materials

Are Loud Commercials Bugging You Four Solutions to Give You Peace and Quiet
TV watchers face a problem. Networks deliberately make their commercials much louder than their main programs. This irritates some viewers. Many viewers have complained to the authorities concerned. Not surprisingly, the problem is not attended to in spite of the complaints.
One Possible High-tech Solution
Interestingly, one solution is put forward, that is, a new electronic device, named Dolby Volume, which is supposed to modulate the TV volume and at the same time not affecting the quality of the original soundtrack. This is a rather excessively, complicated solution. However, you may wonder why somebody does not think of simpler, more open solutions instead of waiting for the technology to solve the problem, or expecting the government to set the networks in order.
Three Low-tech Solutions
One of them is the familiar “fast-forward” button. Record all your favorite shows with your DVR while fast forwarding through all the unwanted commercials. You may be able to save precious time, say, about 16 minutes per hour. Your TV watching time is reduced by 25%.
You can use the “mute” button. But for this you must have your remote control within reach. But that is not feasible if you fall asleep in front of the TV. You can mute the TV when the commercials are on and use the time to talk with your family or read books. You can un-mute the volume once your program comes back on.
The other obvious way is the “OFF” button. Switch off your TV and then you do not have to bother about the TV’s volume. You would get all your friends to do the same and all of you would stop dealing with the TV Company and soon such company would be out of business. Is it a practical solution?
No a la carte Programs
Many of you may be annoyed that cable companies try to force you to pay for bundled packages of their programs which include adult programs so that you can get to watch family-oriented programs. You can’t choose programs only of your choice. Here again appealing to the government against the offending company is not the solution. You can cancel your contract with the cable company.
TV is so addictive that most people cannot do without it. If you want certain specific programs you can rent some of them or indulge in real family-oriented activities instead of watching TV. To many TV is a bedtime relaxation formula to go to sleep. That too may not work always. Try to stop watching TV before sleep and develop the habit of reading good books. Learn to fix the many problems with TV yourself instead of waiting for the government or some unknown inventor to solve matters and suffer unnecessarily in the meantime.