Office interior designing and decoration Raised Access Floors for convenience

 Where is a Raised Access Floor Used?
Raised access floors in interior designing and decoration have become a common feature today in many organizations where there is need for raised levels on account of their activities. Examples include: financial and insurance offices, call centers, data processing centers, large computer room setups where voluminous processing of electronic data is done, e.g. financial information, customer information, and telecom exchanges. Raised flooring is also installed in schools, universities, libraries and major archive areas. Retail facilities like department stores have started increasingly using raised floors coated with special finishes.
Benefits of Using Raised Access Floors
Raised access floors have the following benefits: You can easily access the service points of power, telecom, and data services. This is important for modern buildings having large volume of these services. The underfloor space serves as a large passage for HVAC systems. When there is need for frequent changeover of offices to new occupants the layout needs a churn and that would mean redirection of services. Raised access floors provide easy access to the services necessary for maintenance, upgrading, rerouting etc.


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