Soft wall Wall mate as sound barrier in interior designing and decoration

Soft wall has been one of the cost effective, expertise and exchanges barriers available at affordable cost. In today’s digital world the control of the sound has been done by fabric and sound absorbing padding and decorative finish for treating acoustically treating surfaces. The traditional method of wall mates has been vanished which used wood lath, staples, gimp and welting.
The soft wall are available at low cost and affordable prices. Since it is available for less cost now a days they are used in many acoustical techniques.
Soft wall has got a property that they can be cover up for any type of wall as per the client requirement. There is no need of any wall preparation required for the installation of these products.
There is no need of lath or staples for these soft wall products. As well as no need of welting and gimp.
This product gives the best acoustical control finish for the noise reduction.
There can be maximum energy savings by using the soft wall products. There is no need to hire any local contractor to install the fabric walls .because the wall mate has got the properties more than them and many advantages over the competitor’s like user friendly, uniqueness, the hinged track property allows any body to install a professional look walls.
We can have options of choosing our own fabrics. And available at any stretchable acoustical wall systems with unlimited panel sizes.
It’s completely the choice of the installer to choose it. as the fabrics are removable and replaceable.
The whole system is reusable. Due to this property they play an important role in the acoustical products.
The main two problems so called reflection and reverberation can be solved by using the acoustical treated and this wall fabric revolutionizes the way they can be applied both as a decorative and acoustical wall finishes.
Acoustical treatment walls have become one of the necessities that helps in listening to the quality speakers. And the systems which are transmitting the sound.
The backing material used in this acoustical is echo eliminator.
The features of these wall mates are economical, multi purpose can be used in multiple ways, gives high performance and durable can be used as wear and tear product since it is very strong and easy to install.
These products are commonly used in offices, conference rooms, auditoriums, apartments etc.
The thickness available are one inch and two inches.
The sizes are available in customized manner as per the clients requirement.
They are available in different colors also.