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Acoustical DBA Panels

Acoustical DBA Panels are used as acoustical Ceiling Tiles, Wall Panels and in many other acoustic applications. The letters DBA when expanded mean Diffusion Blocking Absorber. DBA Panels have the unique feature that they diffuse, block, and absorb sound as a single unit. In the case of traditional panels one would require three separate fittings to achieve the same performance as the DBA Panel. They are made from Expanded Polypropylene (P.E.P.P.) Acoustical Bead Board. This material is non-abrasive, semi rigid, and porous. The DBA panels are intended for wall or ceiling applications such as Ceiling Tiles and Acoustical wall Panels in professional grade commercial studios, Home Theaters, Professional Audio Applications, or any type of Acoustical Venue.

Features of DBA Panels

DBA Panels are light in weight and can resist impact loads. Since they can resist moisture, growth of fungi and bacteria is also prevented. They are non-fibrous, have non-abrasive surface, and can be fitted to standard T-bar grid. DBA panels are made of non-volatile, and are non-fibrous, therefore will not emit toxic material into your space.

Sizes and Fitting

DBA panels are available in thickness of 1" and 2"and in nominal sizes of 2' x 4' and 2' x 2'. They are available in white and or charcoal (graphite) colors but more shades can be got by painting to match the back ground or decor. DBA panels can be fitted by using standard T-bar grid, acoustical adhesive and mechanical fasteners like tacks and screws.

Other Products where DBA Panels find Application

Clouds and Baffles

Clouds and baffles offer good flexibility of design, good control of acoustics in exceptionally large areas which are also open and also good control over range of frequencies. They are ideal for acoustical problems encountered in auditoriums, concert halls, meeting halls and gymnasiums

Curtains & Sound Blankets

Sound proof curtains and enclosures which are portable are ideal for machinery as well as for indoor work places. Sound blankets block and absorb sound from nearby machinery or outdoor equipment. They are also very effective to be used as a wrapping material for covering structures.

Doors and Windows

The doors and windows are fitted with DBA material so as to satisfy same acoustical requirements as the rest of the room, so that sound cannot pass through to outside spaces. The doors and windows must have good sealing system to seal gaps so that noise is controlled and contained. Vibration Isolation

The decibel levels of sound from machinery are often beyond permissible limits. DBA products are engineered to control noise and sound transmission. Vibrations create unwanted noise in piping, machinery, and structures. Vibration isolation or dampening can be done with DBA panels and sheets. DBA vibration isolation products will reduce the effect of the vibration and prevent breakdown and damage to equipment and also reduce noise. Flooring DBA Panels are suitable to be used below laminations, ceramic tile, carpet, and wooden floors.

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