For an illusion of both spaciousness and intimacy, use very pale tones for the ceiling and floor, darker hues for the walls, and fill the room with light-coloured furniture and accessories.
Special features and shapes in a room can be highlighted by juxtaposing complementary contrasts of light and dark tones.
Offset the coldness of very pale tones with textured surfaces and touches of red or orange. Blue tones and smooth surfaces accentuate coolness.
Introduction Today, the materials and equipment that go into making and maintaining a comfortable and attractive home are within everyone's reach. Choosing do-it-yourself and decorating items, in the day of the DIY Superstore, has never been easier, or more enjoyable.
The do-it-yourself industry's success is due to the recognition by manufacturers and retailers that a 'professional' standard of work, when it comes to home maintenance and improvement, is no longer the preserve of the full-time craftsman. Tools and materials that were once the preserve of builders, joiners and other trades now have no more mystique than a paint brush or a roll of wallpaper.
But of course there is more to decorating and DIY than mere merchandise. Paints and wallcoverings may be easier to use than they've ever been, but how do you choose the right colours, patterns and finishes for the effects you want to create? Is there a set technique for papering round a doorway? Which do you paint first, the walls or the ceiling? And while power tools might make light of ajob such as preparing timber for a shelving system,

what arrangement will best suit your needs, and what methods of construction is most appropriate to your type of horne?
In other words, while good materials are a big part of the story, bright ideas and basic skills are no less important. And that is what this book is all about. In plain words and clear illustrations, The Hamlyn DIY and Decorating Book explains the principles of interior decorating and home DIY, giving guidance on tools and materials, techniques and tricks-of-the-trade, to working efficiently and safely - all with that vital objective, the professional finish, in prospect.
Whether you are a complete novice or a more experienced handyperson intent on more ambitious decorative effects, this book will serve to excite your interest, and to bring new tasks within your scope. Sections of the book range from using colour and pattern to repairing and preparing surfaces, creating all kinds of decorative finishes. improving flooring, lighting, storage - even the shapes of your rooms. In every case, the sections take a step-by-step approach, offering ideas, outlining the items you will need, illustrating the methods by which you can achieve the best possible results. This is a book to inspire as well as to inform, to read at leisure as well as to follow project-by-project.

We try to bring the products and materials that are available in any market. The designing and decorating can be done by you. We almost present here the Do it yourself designs and decoration with simple materials and readymade products available in the marketplace. Visit our pages and view the images and pictures step by step to understand the proper method of doing designing and decoration in your home. We explain more and more themes for various house setups and cultures.

When you visit the pictures more and more, you may understand the concept of creating a home design and the basics of the artistic skills and how to use the materials and products we handle daily in our life to make the rooms and halls more likable. Thousands of home and commercial designing and decorative ideas are given here with where to purchase the materials? How to place them properly to make a creative living room and hall as well as designed modular kitchens?. Bedrooms are the place where we spend more time in the house, but on sleep. Hereafter you will love the bedroom and you will spend more on researching the designing parts of your bedroom interior designing and decoration.

Kitchens are the places where we more mess and dirt in our house, it is due to the preparation of food almost for the whole day. The busiest place in the home is the kitchen and we here explain how to maintain the kitchen neat and clean with less space and enough kitchen appliances. Visit the Garden sections to know about what are the plants are suitable to decorate our garden? How to maintain the garden without spoiling the place? Exterior designing and decoration is also an important thing to make our home more beautiful than ever. We try to explain the exterior designing and maintaining to make the first impression of the visitors best when entering the house.