Acoustical Ceiling Tiles
Acoustical ceiling tiles help to reduce sound reverberation and provide acoustical absorption in a room, an important factor in noisy environments such as schools or commercial offices. There are also acoustical ceiling tiles suitable for both home and commercial installations. Acoustical ceiling tiles are available in a wide range of materials and finishes.
Acoustical ceiling tiles are fitted to a false ceiling of metal channel grid-work in the shape of an inverted "T" fitted to the roof structure by means of hanging wires or steel strips. The channels are made in such a way that they form cells to accommodate ceiling tiles made to uniform dimension to fit the cells in regular spacing without leaving any gap in between. One standard dimension of the cell in the grid to which the tile is fitted is 600�600 mm. The tiles may measure slightly smaller, 595 mm x 595 mm, that is slightly smaller. There are other sizes also.
Types of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
Mineral Fiber Tiles
These tiles are made from mineral fiber. The fiber pulp of high density is shaped into tiles with the help of binders. Mineral fiber tiles are available in different textures, smooth as well as striped. White mineral fiber tiles are used for interiors of commercial establishments and offices as well as residential buildings.
Fiberglass Ceiling Tiles
These tiles are made from fiberglass strands molded with binders. Fiberglass ceiling tiles are used in commercial and institutional establishments.
Recycled Tiles
Acoustical mineral fiber tiles are now being made from recycled ceiling tiles. Recycling reduces manufacturing costs by using otherwise dumped construction waste.
Wood Ceiling Tiles
A hard backing panel is covered with a wood veneer. To achieve acoustical sound proofing effect the back of the ceiling tile is fitted with an acoustic damping material like an acoustical blanket. To increase the acoustical effectiveness the wood panels are perforated.
Metal Ceiling Tiles
Thin metal sheets are perforated and made into ceiling tiles. They are available in different metal finishes. The perforations patterns are also different. Here too sound proofing is increased by incorporating an acoustical blanket. Metal acoustical ceiling tiles are very commonly used in commercial establishments.
Tips on Maintenance and Replacement of Acoustical Ceiling Tiles
As a part of preventive maintenance, the acoustical ceiling tiles should be checked for damages and accumulation of dirt at regular intervals. They are a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and dust mites. Periodical cleaning with suitable method recommended by the supplier is a must. Tiles may get damaged over a period of time and may need replacement. The right size and type of tiles may not be available in the market when you need it since models keep changing with time. So it is advisable to order some extra tiles and stock them for future use.
Tips on Selection of Tiles
When selecting acoustical ceiling tiles, it is important to take into consideration the type of room and its function. Also, decide the style that suits your taste. There are plenty of styles and types of tiles in the market to choose from. Your architect can guide you in this. No need to add that your budget is an important factor in selecting acoustical ceiling tiles.