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Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier Soundproofing Materials

Quick Point #1

Soundproofing a room completely is an almost impossible task. It can be performed; however in most applications the expenses involved are exorbitant. Hence the more practical goal is to lessen the amount of transmission of sound from one room to another as much as probable within a specified budget.

The purpose of soundproofing is obstructing the sound energy flow via the walls of a specified room and to the inside of the structure the facility has. After the energy of sound comes into the building’s structure it will be transferred from one room to another decreasing the experience of the occupants, guests and residents to your facility. Isolation and density are the two most efficient forms. Several techniques and products are that manufacturers offer and used by soundproofing companies. Prior to selecting any method or product it is vital to examine the uses and purpose of the space you are trying to soundproof. You want to evade choosing a product that could be excessive or inadequate. As with majority of products the superior the performance will imply you have to make a bigger investment.

While isolation and density are the most efficient soundproofing methods, an airtight concrete bunker may not be a solution that is practicable for your application. Concrete has density that does present a solid soundproofing level however; you are yet faced with remaining concerns of soundproofing such as the lighting, A/C, electrical, entry doors and windows, to name some. A common rule for following is that sound will follow where air flows.

Okay, hence the idea of concrete bunker is not feasible. Here are few soundproofing alternatives for considering. In the subsequent section four kinds of materials for soundproofing are examined and few comparisons of performance of soundproofing are done. To know the performance of soundproofing of these products you have to know what the basic ratings are. The Decibel(dB) and Sound Transmission Class(STC) ratings from Parts 3, 4 and 5 will be used hence please take some time for reviewing those articles.

Option # 1 is a product known as Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) or Limp Mass Barrier.

Level 1 Material for Soundproofing beyond fiberglass insulation and standard drywall.

MLV is a limp mass material utilized to obstruct unnecessary noise and lessen sound transmission without decreasing space. Several soundproofing companies provide this or just like product under diverse names but essentially is the same product.

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