Acoustical soundproofing products, Materials Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai

Acoustical soundproofing products, Materials Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai
There are many types of acoustical soundproofing products and treatments available for specific situations and applications for improving sound quality. Spaces like theaters, sound studios, and lecture halls need to be echo-free so that the sound quality is within the acceptable limits. Sound absorptive materials are used for ceilings, floors, walls, and doors/windows. The absorptive treatment will absorb sound energy instead of reflecting it. Classrooms are another example where high levels of noise reverberation cannot be allowed. Students those who are normal as well as those with hearing and other learning handicaps cannot understand what is being taught if the quality of sound in the class room is of poor standard.

Types of Acoustical soundproofing products, Materials Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai
One of the main items of the range of acoustic products is the acoustic panel used for covering ceilings, walls and other surfaces. It is available in many sizes, variety, and colors. Fabric wrapped acoustic panels are the solution for noise and sound control. They also come with custom art work that make them ideal for different rooms in restaurants, churches, auditoriums, conference rooms and so on. Sound-absorbing foams are another type of acoustic soundproofing panels which are sound proof and are available in many colors, surface patterns, designs, and thicknesses. They are used for ceiling panels and wall panels.
Bass Traps are used in the horizontal or vertical corners of the room where they absorb low frequency sound, thereby improving bass clarity. Doors and windows are sources of sound leakage and a challenge faced by acoustic experts. It is estimated that 1% of gap in doors and windows can leak 50% of sound energy. Specially rated acoustically tested doors, windows, and acoustical sealing compounds are now available.

Ceiling and Floor treatments
Acoustic banners provide good sound proofing for large rooms. They are available in sizes 4 feet wide and 20 feet long. There are a variety of Acoustic products for sound proofing of ceiling like ceiling tiles. Ceiling tiles are available in different materials and they can fit into prefabricated standard ceiling grids. Some of the known ceiling tiles are Sonex acoustical foam tiles, Fabric covered tiles, PVC ceiling tiles, and Squareline expanded metal tiles. Ceiling tiles not only improve the quality of sound but also the appearance of the facility. Ceiling tiles can also be glued to the ceiling directly. As floor treatment, floor underlay is used to block airborne noises and foot fall whereas mass loaded vinyl is used to shut out airborne sounds.

Soundproofing Booths and Enclosures

Audiology testing and sound isolation booths form a special category of acoustic products with strict sound control requirements. This category needs isolated booths and enclosures with very high quality sound proofing. The booths are prefabricated and are used in special industrial applications.

Factors for selection of a good Acoustic System
The type of acoustic system must be chosen based on your application. If it is a residential building, the factors to be considered may be thermal isolation and appearance. Sound quality is the criteria in cases of auditoriums, conference halls, music rooms, class rooms, and sound studios. Acoustic products are not only used for sound proofing, but for improving appearance as well.