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Acoustical Soundproofing Materials Types

Soundproofing Material - 3 Best Types

When you plan to soundproof a home or a specific area or room, it is vital to first pay attention to the difference between soundproofing and sound absorption since these two terms are usually confused and interchanged to imply the same thing. For improving the sound in a room sound absorption is required. This is utilized when making a home theater or a recording studio. Alternatively soundproofing aims for blocking off sound from leaving or penetrating a particular space.

Soundproofing aims to decrease or devalue the sounds coming into or leaving an area through the application or installation of noise and sound barriers. This can be done by many materials in the market. Soundproofing materials are used for many reasons. Also with the technological developments, more simpler and cost effective installations can be made now. Prior to making any decisions for soundproofing, ensure to consider many factors - the area in which your home is situated, the origin or kind of noise, and certainly, the budget you are agreeable to pay out for the soundproofing.

One excellent thing for knowing is the STC of sound transmission rating. This denotes the amount of soundproofing; higher indexes have higher ability to take in sound. A standard wall would have a rating for STC 20 or 25. You can hear normally through it. But, if you would like speech suppressed to a murmur, you will need a rating for STC around 42. One very beneficial method is using foam insulation. Lead-lined foams and sheetrock must be installed through constructing the home. Or else, installing these would need tearing down present sections of the wall or sometimes the complete wall. Spray foam is extremely suggested for any space having thickness from 1/2 inch to 2 inches. It has a rating for STC 40 to 50. Spraying of foam is done into the walls devoid of having to remove drywall pieces and hence will not need any major rebuilding.

Vinyl soundproofing or what is known as mass loaded vinyl, alternatively has an STC rating of around 42 to 55. It is extremely lightweight and has mass higher than what you can expect from a material having such thinness. It is precisely this feature that gives MLV its capabilities of soundproofing.

Also rock wool is one more good choice for insulation. On pressing this material into rolls or sheets it has the ability to efficiently absorb and insulate sound.

Just keep in mind that whatever soundproofing material is selected, the ultimate advantage shall be quiet and peace. Whether it is for work nights without noise at home devoid of having to worry regarding noisy children or only to suppress the city noise from the bedroom, the suggested materials above will function just fine in bringing a big change in the extent of noise entering a particular area.

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