Choosing colours Adding colour, pattern, and texture can be one of the most exciting aspects of decorating your home. Through the use of colour, you can express aspects of your personality. Colour also allows you to create precisely the mood and atmosphere that you want, and so, as a result, make your home uniquely yours. The visible spectrum is huge and the colour possibilities almost limitless. For example, a red scheme can vary from crimson to scarlet, peach to shocking pink, and it can be adapted to very different living areas. In a formal dining room, lit for evening entertaining, rich crimson tones can be very romantic - suffusing the entire decor from tablecloth to patterned fabrics and carpeting. In a sunny family kitchen, the scarlet tones of terra cotta tiles, patterned blinds, and a range of accessories can appear to be friendly and inviting. In a bedroom, combining deep and pale tones of rose and peach in the wallpaper, bedspread, and curtains can produce a country-style atmosphere. For something different in the bathroom, consider shocking pink carpeting set against wallpaper decorated with a riot of enormous roses. Colour inspirations You can build an entire colour scheme around a single item such as a rug, or a piece of furniture. For example, your imagination may be inspired by a wooden dresser painted a rough apple green colour. This colour contrasts wonderfully with brown, and so it is ideally suited to a room with a natural wood floor, unpainted brick walls and bare pine furniture. The effect you are trying for can be further heightened with additional touches of the same green, for example, in cushion covers, painted window frames, and perhaps a few accessories. Soft pink tones and patterned fabrics look perfect in the context of this charming bedroom, offset by the solidity of dark-stained furniture. Right Careful colour planning, using bold pattern in checks and coloured stripes are united by a continuous colour theme The result is a range of geometric patterns which look part of all integrated theme. Left High blinqsts of colour and pattern from a floor rug are picked up in the furnishings in the room.