Illuminating the bedroom should revolve around how you use the space. If it is solely for romance and resting, then bring on mood lighting. Up-lighting spreads light from the floor upward, bathing the walls in a soft glow that could filter through leafy plants or highlight photography and artwork. It is very soothing. Reading lights can have beams just large enough to focus on a book without disturbing your partner.
Task lighting is essential if you have a dressing table for applying makeup and doing your hair. A dresser or table lamp will boost the wattage when you are dressing, and, if put on a dimmer, can also become mood lighting. Any of these elements can be the catalyst to decorating your bedroom. You may have a favorite bedcover, an old-fashioned bed, or an exquisite carpet. One of the wall techniques you have spotted in this book or a bolt of fabric you found on sale may fuel your imagination. Take the time to investigate the many exciting options available to you, and enjoy the process of pulling it all together.