You might think more about the finish of the ceiling in your bedroom than in other rooms. It gets more visual attention as you lie back in bed, and its flaws will be more obvious. A few layers of paint will let you camouflage an uneven surface. It's also worthwhile to apply special details with patterns and stencils.
If you want to keep your ceiling clean and simple, paint it in a lighter tone of your wall color, and do the same for any moldings.

Traditional wall-to-wall carpeting has given way to hardwood floors and area rugs. If you live in a new building that was carpeted by the builder, the floor will be a plywood subfloor rather than finished hardwood. As a stopgap until a new floor is laid, the plywood can be painted or stained and then varnished. It can replicate most types of floors- wood, marble, and metal-and you can even paint your own rug onto it.
Hardwood floors are beautiful on their own, but can also be enhanced with a pattern created with wood stain. Sisal carpets play a big role in the natural bedroom along with 100% cottons or linens, simple unbleached curtains, and creamy white walls. Sisal comes in different grades and mixes. For a bedroom, where bare feet prevail, the wool blends are softer to walk on. It's possible to have a fabric border added to sisal carpets to bring attention to a special pattern already present in the room.
Cork floors are another option. They are made from a renewable resource, are warm and forgiving underfoot, and come in a pleasing selection of designs. They are mid- priced, very tough and will last for years.