Although the trend today has moved away from heavy or fussy draperies at the windows, privacy is an issue in the bedroom. And there is also the matter of light to think about. Is it important for you to have a dark room to sleep? Blinds and shutters now come in a range of colors of metal, wood, and fabrics, and will block out both light and views. They can be fitted to sit inside the window frame for a neat, clean con- temporary look.
Simple lined curtains will accomplish the same thing. Rather than yards of fabric and complicated drapery hardware, you can now get away with less width and use a rod pocket or loops to hang the curtains from a wooden or wrought-iron pole. Drapery panels are sold ready to hang and in some cases coordinate with bed linens. The no-sew generation has become very creative at avoiding all the hemming and stitching. Double-sided sewing tape for hems and seams, plus Velcro and the hot-glue gun for hanging have revolutionized window dressing.
Fancy sheers such as metallic organza can be double-hung over a solid background as another simple way to make the room private and stylish. Sheers also come in an array of colors and patterns that make delicate, romantic window dressings. Hung from or draped over a rod, the-y can complete a room effortlessly.
Frameless windows can be decorated with paint to enhance the room's style and mood. A traditional approach is running a stenciled motif along the edges. I created a unique solution by painting a whimsical window frame that conveys the feeling of sheer fabric that continues across the wall.